Hot Corner In Masterbuilt Electric?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by b18c_ej8, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. b18c_ej8

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    Probably user error, but has anyone else experience the vent corner of the smoker being very much hotter than the rest?  I made a few batches of jerky this week (7 pounds of meat worth).  On the first batch, the back right corner got burned on all 4 racks - About 3-4 inches worth of jerky burned while the rest was fine.

    Perhaps I had the vent open too far and the heat turned up too high?  I don't remember what I set the unit for as far as temperature, but I'm pretty sure the vent was wide open.  Subsequent batches I was able to save by not putting meat on that corner, but I'm still wondering what I did wrong. 

    Thoughts?  Thanks!
  2. tromaron

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  3. captturbo

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    I keep a ceramic tile on top of the heating element / smoke box too and it works wonders. You would think that Masterbuilt would make a small change to take care of this but in the end it's so easy to fix it's just not a real problem.
  4. jak757

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    I heard about that before I bought my MES, and put a tile in place the first day I brought it home,  Haven't noticed any problems at all.  Like Capt said, its so easy to fix, its not a problem at all.
  5. smokinal

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    What they said, and no one can figure out why Masterbuilt hasn't changed the vent to the other side.
  6. fpnmf

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    Prolly because they cant convince the folks that make it over in China to change it.

    They are funny that way..

    When I had the bike shop a local guy was gonna make a million with el cheapo Chinese scooters..

    They were very difficult to deal with making changes.

  7. daveomak

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    If you feel like making a temporary mod, here is a mod that works well enough for addition to the  floor tile I have in my MES 30....  

    Trim an aluminum roasting pan to move the exhaust to the "center" of the smoker... Dave

    Click on the link below:

    PS: I would like to address you in a personable fashion but typing b18c_ej8 is a PITA... Got another name that is a little easier for us old folks ???... Dave

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