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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by gitaryzt1985, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. gitaryzt1985

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    Just picked up a Master Forge Vertical Propane smoker for small smokes like chicken and turkey breasts. I burned it off for about an hour and tried it with chips in the box. My question is how do you quickly add chips without burning yourself on the box? The fit for the box is narrowly placed right under the water pan. Do you leave the lid on the box?

    Sry for the newbie question
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    I personaly use an old fire poker to pull the tray half way out and remove the lid with a oven mitt. It can be a little tricky (I've had the tray fall onto the burner). I used to use chips but switched to chunks because they last longer. I have tried the tray without the lid but almost every time they would catch fire at some point. I also give them a quick soak in water (about 15-30 min) and haven't had any catch fire since. Hope this helps.
  3. gitaryzt1985

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    At least Im not crazy lol. Just picked up another smoke box, so ill alternate them in and out and may make it easier.

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