Horizontal Whole Hog RF Hybrid.

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  1. I thought that reverse flow would be the best place to put this build even though it is not a true reverse flow build. It started out as me seeing a 275 gal oil drum at my work that we were going to scrap and turned into this. Ive been on this forum for months researching and figured the tank was too thin so figured to build from scratch. Let me start by saying ive been smoking with my dad since a very young kid, I am now 24 years old, We used an old stainless fridge and sausagemaker.com propane conversion kit for some beef jerky for many years before he died in 2008. A few years ago I bought a offset cheap-o smoker/grill just to make steaks and such on and sometimes a smoked chicken or two. Finally started getting into it a bit more and blowing through bags and bags of charcoal and sitting by the thing for hours straight, ive grown tired of it and want something a bit more insulated and efficient. My buddy alex and I will be building this smoker just for family cooking some parties and something we've both wanted to cook for a while, the whole pig. I am a CNC Machinist and will cover all the design aspects & machining, Alex is a Welder/Fab guy which will handle all of those things, Alex's dad is a electrical engineer and he will handle the electronics part of the build. Stoking part will be handled by a raspberry PI & Heatermeter v4.0 pumping a 25cfm fan into the firebox. Firebox is 1/4" plate and CC is 3/16" plate. Any problems or suggestions you all have PLEASE LET ME KNOW, as many of you have been doing this for more years then i am alive. Updates should come every weekend as we have free time on Saturdays. Thanks! Troy 

    700 lbs from the local scrap yard


    Plasma making it happen

    Some sunday chickens on the beater bomb offset while we work

    Firebox roughly done

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    It looks good. Interesting how incorporated a Pi into a Smoker.

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