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  1. has anybody had any experience with the convection plate for a okj longhorn from them. (horizon convection plates)
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  2. lemans

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    I bought one for my chargriller 5050.
    It works great but they are a PIA to order from.. Took forever and a bunch of phone calls.. But well worth the wait
  3. paddy1998

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    I bought my Horizon 16" Backyard Classic at Cabelas but had to order the convection plate and cover from Horizon directly. Convection plate is an absolute must have and does a fantastic job. I think Horizon is a pretty small operation but I'vehad very good experiences with them on the phone. Sometimes you have to wait a little while for their product but it's definitely worth it. Give them a call.
  4. Thanks for the info.I did order one and they said they were running about 2 weeks behind . Ill find out that for sure.  [​IMG]
  5. tacswa3

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    They are always "running about 2 weeks behind" If that was really the case, everyone would have a Horizon smoker. They are a PIA to deal with.....meaning takes forever to get parts from them. If you squeak enough you'll eventually get it.
  6. lemans

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    I guess they are very wealthy and don't need the bussiness

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