Hopefully my bird will turn out okay

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mackconsult, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. mackconsult

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    We got a 14 lb frozen butter ball turkey after buying groceries at Winco.  I have been wanting to try and smoke and then cook a bird.

    1)  We thawed it out for 2 days in the fridge.

    2)  Last night I broke it open and was able to get the sack of gizards out.  The neck was still pretty frozen in the center.  I went ahead and put my brine together which included a cup of salt, oranges, onions, lemons, garlic, thyme, pepper, parsley leaves, and water.  Put it all in a big pot and stuck it outside (it was 25F last night).

    3) This morning I got up early and fired up the cold smoker, with a temp setting of 150F and started the amazen smoke tray with apple dust.  Took the bird (neck was easy to pull out) and stuffed it with the oranges, onions, lemons, and garlic.  Then tied him him so that his legs and wings are snug up against his body and hung him in the cold smoker.  Letting it go all day today while I am at work so that be from 7:30 AM to about 3:30 PM.  

    4)  As soon as I get home was going to pull the bird out and put him in the oven at 325F with bacon draped all over him.  Was going to put a meat thermometer in the breast and pull it out once getting to 175F on internal temperature.

    Guess I will be the guinea pig.  This bird will not be for thanksgiving, we were just going to carve it up and use the meat for meals in the coming week.
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  2. chef jimmyj

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    Unless you brined that bird with Cure #1 smoking at 150°F may result in a dangerously Bacteria and Toxin laden bird! That is prime conditions for Bacteria growth. If you want to cold smoke then roast you should have used the AMNPS ONLY and made sure the smoker temp never went over 40°F...I would not recommend eating that bird. Although cooking to an IT of 165+° will kill all the bacteria you do not know if there was any Toxin producing Bacteria...Not and Good plan, sorry...JJ
  3. mackconsult

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    Ok thanks ...... I have some pink cure and thought about putting it in the brine ..... but to late for that .....
  4. jmott7

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    I've never cold-smoked, but I have done the bacon all over the bird thing. It's not as great as it looks. The skin keeps the bacon flavor from getting into the meat. I'd stick a couple of pieces in the cavity of the bird, and maybe one or two under the skin over each breast, if you can get under the skin once you've smoked it.

    Also, 175 is probably alright for the thigh, but the breast could dry out by then.

    Good Luck!
  5. dutch

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    I would not even think of eating that turkey after reading what you are doing. That bird needs to be cured in order to be cold smoked; no where in your post do you mention putting cure in with your brine. Your bird is going to be in the danger zone (40°-140°) way to long in a 150° environment. You should be smoking that bird at 250° or higher if your smoker will allow you to reach higher temps.
  6. timberjet

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    Yes, is someone at home that can crank that temp up? Or better yet spatchcock and split the whole bird in two. The guideline for safe internal temp is 40-140 is four hours. Once you get past 140 in four hours you can finish in the oven. You still might save that bird with some quick action.
  7. mackconsult

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    I just contacted my wife.  She is pulling it out right now and putting in oven at 325F.  It's only been in the smoker for 2.5 hrs.

    Thanks for the quick responses guys.  I have Pink Cure and been using it to do cold smoked bacon which turned out really good.  Next time I will use that when I try and do the turkey, Question though ...... how long do you think the bird would need to sit in that brine?

    I know my bacon has to go about 7 days before attempting the cold smoke.
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  8. chef jimmyj

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    At 2.5 hours you have caught it in time and there will be nothing to worry about. If you plan to add Cure #1 to your brine, 12-14Lb birds need 3 days. For larger birds add 1 day for every 2-3 pounds. I am glad you caught it in time...JJ
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  9. You are in good hands with JJ at your call........[​IMG]
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  10. timberjet

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  11. dutch

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    mack, glad the Mrs. was able to get the bird in to the oven. At least the bird got some smoke on it and this way, you'll get the skin crispy. Give us an update on how it turns out.
  12. mackconsult

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    Thanks all for helping me save it.  Just carved it all up .... while nibbling ..... it is awesome.

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