Honey in place of corn syrup for brats?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by gersus, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. gersus

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    I make brats using a len poli recipe I believe and they're great! I use corn syrup which is what the recipe calls for but I was thinking about using honey instead. Would the honey work well?

    I'm also thinking about trying a small batch with sriracha in it! woohoo!
  2. forluvofsmoke

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    Honey should work fine. Do take into consideration that honey adds flavor as well as sweetness, so the flavor profile of the sausage will change somewhat. The ratio may be slightly less for honey vs corn syrup to get the same sweetness. Also, different honeys will be sweeter than others, such as clover honey vs alfalfa honey, etc. Pure honey (unpasteurized, unfiltered) has a different flavor than processed honey, and will be in a liquid form, instead of semi-crystaline...this is the good stuff, IMHO...store this away from sunlight in a cool place, but not cold...no need to refrigerate due to the reduced pH being unsuitable for bacterial colonization.

    Hmm...honey sweetened brat mix???...man, that'd have to be some good eats!!!

  3. gersus

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    yeah, sounds good right?! I'll give it a try. I only use local raw honey. :) Thanks!
  4. gersus

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    I made up a trial batch of honey brats today and they were great! I used about 2/3 the amount of corn syrup and it was about right. The honey added a little flavor but not too much at all.
  5. forluvofsmoke

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    COOL!!! You never know whether you'll like it until you try it. Differences in the flavors of other types of honey could actually be tested to find what will give a subtle but desirable flavor to your mix, and you may find that you like a certain honey for regular brats, and another type of honey for cheddar-worst, etc. You may have found yourself a nice little experiment that could really elevate your sausage making horizons, and, it doesn't have to stop with sausage, as I'll explain below. Me? I'd roll with it, baby!

    Hmm, you know, it's funny, but I've been looking for ways to reduce and omit processed sugars from my cooking recipes for several years, and my own diet in general for over a year now. Processed sugars (especially corn syrups and high fructose corn syrups) really are not good for us (they'll kick type 2 diabetes into high gear faster than anything else, for example), and just for it's health benefits, using honey, being it's a natural sugar, is a great way to build a healthier diet. Honey-based Bbq sauces and other condiments could replace all the other junk with processed sugars sitting in our fridges, and that's just the tip of the ice-burg.

    I've even replaced sugar substitutes in my green, black and herb teas with raw honey...tastes better, and, sure it has a few calories, but I'm not on a reduced-calorie diet, just keeping as much balance as possible, by getting rid of as much of the garbage as I can from what I eat and drink. I'm now thinking about making a Honey-BBQ sauce for upcoming gatherings this summer, and I'm not a big sauce fan, but the guests would enjoy it, I'm sure. Now, see what you did?!?!?! LOL!!!

    Keep it coming!

  6. gersus

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    The idea of replacing corn syrup with honey came from my wife and I eating paleo. We switched our eating to the paleo lifestyle a couple weeks ago and we're loving it! We feel better, and are losing weight! The really good part is we can still eat meat! Lol As long as I control what goes into my sausages, that's all good too. :)
    Paleo is a great, healthy way of eating. The biggest drawback is not eating grains but with the use of almond flour or coconut flour, baking and trying are still very doable!
    Almond flour is pricey but trader joes sells it for $3.99/lb! Woohoooo and its worked great in everything we've tried it in.
  7. nepas

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    sounds good.

    wonder if honey powder would work also.
  8. gersus

    gersus Smoking Fanatic

    Idk why it wouldn't.
  9. Hey!! That's really a great idea of using honey, I personally love honey and used to do experiments in my food :)  :) 

    I used to start my day with a glass of milk and manuka honey, then I used to add honey as a sweetener to food, etc

    Then I made up a batch of honey brats today and they were awesome!![​IMG][​IMG]
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  10. gersus

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  11. I bet Maple Syrup would be good as well
  12. I found maple sugar at Costco a couple months back and have been using in all kinds of different things, esp sausage...nice flavour without the liquid...it cost $9 CD and the only ingredient listed is maple syrup.
  13. gersus

    gersus Smoking Fanatic

    Since this post I've only used honey in my brats. BBB too actually. It's worked out great!

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