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  1. goliath

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    hi everyone. i made a batch of honey garlic pepperoni from pre packaged spices. it was neither garlicy or honey enough for me. i know i can add garlic BUT what about the honey taste. do i just add some raw honey??


  2. Howdy GOLIATH, 

    I would try using a dried honey powder in place of real honey in this recipe. Can find honey powder on line in spice shops, also sold in bbq rub shops. Just google honey powder and it will be an easy find.

    Don't think about using "honey dust" as that has a totally different use. [​IMG]
  3. goliath

    goliath Smoking Fanatic

    thanks for the reply ...

    i just checked out my sausage supply place and they actually have it ....

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    you can absolutely use/add raw honey.  in my honey/garlic fresh sausage, thats all i use. no powdered garlic either, raw garlic.  you have to find an amount that you like as far as the amount of honey/sweetness, lots of test fry's.  garlic will vary in strength so the sweetness will need to be adjusted.  maple syrup can also be used and it is more liquid than the honey allowing for easier/quicker mixing.  dont be afraid to experiment. 
  5. Add the honey raw.  Honey is a natural bacteria killer as well.  The Egyptians used it on wounds to heal......also honey will never go "bad" it will just crystalize. 

    Natural is better......:eek:)

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