Honey Cured Ham

Discussion in 'Pork' started by wullybully, Aug 9, 2008.

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    This is actually a whole pork loin cured using a recipe for Honey-Cured Ham from "Mastering the Craft of Smoking Food" by Warren R. Anderson.
    The basic recipe is for 2-1/4 lb of meat, increase as necessary:
    1 tbs salt
    1 tsp onion powder
    1/2 tsp Prague Powder #1
    1/2 tsp white pepper
    1/8 tsp ground cloves
    3 tbs honey
    Instructions call for piercing the meat well with a fork. Spread the curing mix on the meat. Refrigerate and cure for 1 week for each inch of meat thickness. Overhaul (turn) daily. Cold smoke. The ham must be cooked prior to eating.

    I cured the pork loin for three weeks.
    It was then put into netting so that I could hang it in the smoker.
    It was smoked for about 10 hours over charcoal and cherry wood at 100-120 degrees in the Smoke Vault and no gas fire.
    During the first six hours of smoing, it was misted with a 50-50 mix of honey and whiskey.

    We were very pleased with the result, rather like Canadian bacon. I just started another one. Increased the amount of garlic this time.
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    canadian bacon I love the stuff-cured 3 weeks huh-seems a bit long? looks great though-I getting some belly in cure today for next weeks smoke.
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    Not really, Des... that loin is prolly 4 inches thick...so since curing both sides, 2 week minimum. And you won't hurt it going longer. All the better, actually...aging at that point. After smoking it could be hung for a longer period for drying if desired.
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    Nice job good q-view
  5. dennisdocb

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    Looks great. I love canadian bacon [​IMG]
  6. Not sure I can get Prague powder around here. What would be a good substitute?
  7. wullybully

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    Prague powder is a basic curing salt that contains sodium nitrite. Substitute any curing salt, but be sure to use the recommended quantity for the amount of meat you are processing.
  8. richtee

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    Morton's Tenderquick or Sugar Cure are easy to use curing agents. Mortonsalt.com.
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    Looks fantastic. Send some this way so I don't have to try to make it.

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