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Discussion in 'Bacon' started by vance hanna, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. vance hanna

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    I have 5lbs of Belly on Order through my local Grocery store, ill be picking it up the 6th, and I am wondering how i would go about doing a honey cured bacon, can i do it with a dry cure, then just add the honey to it after i have the cure on or would i do like pops brine and add the honey in place of the sugar?

    Any Suggested Bacon Recipes?
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    The last round of bacon I did I added pure Grade A dark maple syrup by weight for the sugar portion of my dry cure. It was just an experiment but it turned out awesome. Now I just buy maple sugar and use that. If I recall there is something similar you can buy for honey I think it's crystallized honey or dehydrated honey, not sure. I'm no expert but I think just substituting regular honey for the sugar would work well. Someone more knowledgeable with be along shortly.
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    I know they sell Powdered Honey on Amazon but its crazy expensive lol. Maybe ill just do a Wet Brine on one slab and a Dry Cure on the other. I Honestly am kicking around the idea of taking 2.5lbs of it and Using Cure #2 and Then an Umai Bag and doing a Dried bacon. May just end up with a fatty Prosciutto tho Lol
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    I ended up going Honey Maple on half  and demerara sugar and pepper blend on the other and of course cure number 1. I also took the two ends i cut off and packed them in salt to make salt pork.
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