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    I stopped reading after this Clown said...

    "Homogenization modifies the milk fasts to be an unnatural form of fat that the human body doesn't recognize. It is this homogenization that, I think, is partly responsible for the detrimental health effects of long-term consumption of cow's milk."

    I think he meant to say Fats not fasts...This is just not true!...Homogenization is a process where the Fat in the milk is forced through a plate or nozzle containing very small holes breaking the fat into such tiny particles that they don't recombine and float to the top of the milk as in the old adage, " the Cream rises to the top." Your body recognizes this fat whether it is in microscopic droplets or in a 1 Pound chunk of Butter...

    Of course the USDA recommends we eat the foods of the Grain Farmers, Dairy Farmers and Cattle, Hog and Poultry Farmers, that it Regulates...What the hell else is there to eat!?!

    There are and will be problems with corruption and influence of lobbyists, but the USDA is hardly out to destroy the health of Americans with lies and deceit...Hippie Rag!...That's just my humble opinion...JJ [​IMG]
  3. Agreed. I cannot stand conspiracy theories....lol

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