Homemade Pastrami

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  1. Homemade Pastrami

    There is but a small difference between Corned Beef and Pastrami. Pastrami has a slight smoked taste.This is a shortcut recipe to make it fresh, real and cheap.

    1 3-5 lb Corned Beef ( Cut off the fat to about 1/4 inch on the meat all around )
    3 Heaping tbsn Black Pepper corns
    2 Heaping tbsn Coriander pods ( This is what makes Pastrami,,Pastrami )
    Garlic powder

    Take the Corned Beef out and wash off all the pickling spice and put it in a pot, cover it with water and soak for a couple hours, changing the water at least once. What you are doing is pulling out some of the brine.
    Fire up the smoker to 230-250, while your fire is getting hot. Pour the peppercorns and Coriander pods in a coffee mill or food processor and chop up coarse. Make sure the beef is drained and patted dry. Now pour on the Garlic powder and pour on the peppercorn and Coriander mixture and press into the meat. Put it on the smoker and cook for about 6 hours or an inside temp of 170. You do not need to turn or move it in the smoker Pull it out wrap it tightly in tin foil and put it in the oven on a cookie sheet to rest for an hour. It will reabsorb all the juices back into itself. It is actually ready to slice and eat once cool. I put it in the fridge until the next day and slice it. Makes the best Ruben Sandwiches ever.

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    Lot of us do those with numerous variations on this forum  We call it Dudestrami.  Most soak for about 10 hours and do a fry test to check the saltiness.  Every piece is different and sometimes requires more soak time.  Should also be said that like any other Brisket muscle, that the final internal temp is determined by the tenderness.  Personally I find that 180 to 185 gives me better strami.   I buy about a dozen of those around St patties day when they are 1.50 a pound and put them in the deep freeze.   
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    I do about the same thing.  Buy up a bunch of corned beef -- usually the cheaper point cuts -- after St. Patrick's day.  I use a pepper, paprika and coriander mix, but let it sit for at least couple of hours after putting that dry rub on.

    Comes out real good.  Only problem I have had was that last year the electric connections on my MES decided to crap out at that time, so I had to finish it in the oven.
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    I can vouch for that!  I've had the privilege of being able to sample these twice, and both times it was excellent.
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    Aloha.......all of you have convinced me.  Its  time  to do Pastrami again... 

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  6. it's almost impossible to mess up [​IMG]  one of my fav
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    Great lookin strami - Man I sure miss The Dude and his strami posts -
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    Another good recipe Chefrc ! [​IMG]

    I've seen a lot of them from you in the last couple of days.

    Did you ever use any of these recipes yourself?

    Do you have a camera? None of your recipes have pictures.

    Recipes are 100X better with pictures (Qview).


  9. I do all my recipes,, most I been doing for over 30 years. I post on several other sites and get alot of positve feedback as others have made my recipes. Gonna get a camera. Mine is on the fritz. It will come soon enough.Been making them allot longer then this computer has been here. Thanks. Glad they tweeked you interest.
  10. bearcarver

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    I'll be glad when you get your camera.

    Before I joined this forum, I used to surf the web for recipes. I never used a recipe that didn't at least show the finished product. 

    BTW: On this forum, it is socially accepted that if there's no Qview, it didn't happen.[​IMG]

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    What did ever happen to the dude??
  12. Bear

    I am with you brother. And it is easy , I guess for people to blow smoke per se. We gonna get er done tho.
  13. Holy Hello

    I put another disc in this durn old Son Of A gun. and it acts like it's gonna work. Thank you Bear ,,It must have been you building a fire under it,,or me!!
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    Now that's a great looking strami. I still have quite a few in the freezer from pattys day. Looks like i just might have to thaw one out. [​IMG]
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    Dang, Down here the corned beef don't get any cheaper ,even around the drink the green beer till you puke day.

     Luckily i have a friend from N.J. that turned me on to boars head.

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