homemade charcoal grill w/ bottom smoker

Discussion in 'For New Members' started by jtubby79, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. jtubby79

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    My uncle saw some pictures of a grill that im building, i was getting bored with propane grilling an figured i wanted to try charcoal, an figured to hell with it id put a small smoker on the bottom

    So far to the point its at now i have only spent 16 dollars on  it, I plan on putting a smopke stack off the side with a spring loaded dampener like you can see on the side of the grill in the first pic

    i do plan to keep checking out these forums more im a rookie when it comes to grilling charcoal and smoking so looking for good tips an tricks, just figured out how to make a tereaki sauce from scratch that i really liked....an plan to be learing more


  2. crashburn

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  3. shoneyboy

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  4. That is a bad bad motha...that is a great looking build kudos...how are u goinh to set the smoker
  5. jckdanls 07

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    This member hasn't been on for a couple of years... but hopefully he will sign in and reply to your question ...
  6. Oh sorry
  7. robertw78368

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    dont for get to install a temp guage at the top of your lid.
  8. grillmonkey

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    If he ain't done it by now, he probably won't. This post is over 2 years old.

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