homemade 1/2 inch stuffer tube

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by smoked, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. smoked

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    Well after I purchased a snack stick tube, and it showed up only to my dismay that it was for a bigger stuffer (mine is only a 5 lb one), I let my engineering mind go to work......hit ace hardware and bought a 1/2" water feed tube and a 1 1/2" nylon washer, cut the tube down to size with angle, drilled out the washer to 1/2" interference fit.....and viola.....works like a charm......and cost about 1/10th of a purchased one would have...
  2. deer meat

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    Hice job on the........... "fabrication"
  3. mossymo

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    Nice work, I like imagination and innovation !!!

    BigArmSmokin and I were just talking recently about this same subject. Both he and I use copper tubing with flaring and washers to get the right size tube we desire. I use the normal tubes that are available, but for the meat stick casings I like what is available are just too large in diameter so we must improvise !!!
  4. bigarm's smokin

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    Hey Bill, great idea! I did some thing similar with my meat grinder but your idea is a whole lot less work. Mossy Mo said he had made a stuffing tube with copper tubeing, I thought, heck, if a ND boy can do it, so can I, only faster and cheaper. [​IMG][​IMG] , anyway, after soldering, cutting, sanding and cussing, I made two tubes that work great I also saw where Huey had used a jerky gun, so, I made a jerky tube for the grinder, also works great! I did learn, grind the meat, then when you go to stuff the caseing, or make the jerky, take the frickin cutter plate and the blade out of the grinder. I thought the auger would seperate from the motor without these two pieces, but I was wrong, it worked great and was 50 times faster and easyier. [​IMG]
  5. walking dude

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    in my family, thats call blacksmithing...............

    all in my family(cept me of course) are great fabricators and innovaters.......great idea smoked

  6. deejaydebi

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    Great job Smoked! I was going to try the copper tube but that looks easier![​IMG]
  7. cowgirl

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    Great idea, so much cheaper too! Thanks[​IMG]
  8. smoked

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    now all I need to do is come up with a good snack stick recipe, this go round was with my jerky recipe.....didn't really work except to shrink in the casing and taste much like....well.....meatloaf!!!!! [​IMG]
  9. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    get in touch with mossy, he sent me some of his meat sticks.......awesome...............


  10. bigarm's smokin

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    Hey Bill,here is one for you to try.

    Snack Sticks

    • 10 lbs lean ground meat
      2 teaspoons curing salt
      4 tablespoons salt
      3 teaspoons white pepper
      3 teaspoons nutmeg
      3 teaspoons celery seed
      3 teaspoons garlic granules
      1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
      1/2 cup Flavor Binder 86
      1 cup cold water

    • Casings:
      1 strand 22 mm collagen casings
      Top of Page
      January 7, 2003

    1. Combine ground meat with all remaining ingredients (except casings) in a large mixing bowl, mix/knead thoroughly up to 2 minutes.
    2. Taste test by frying a small quarter-size patty to see if you approve of the flavor as is. Make changes if needed.
    3. Stuff seasoned meat mixture into 22MM-26MM collagen casings or 22-24MM sheep casings.
    4. Directions for Oven Processing
    5. Directions for Smoker Processing
    6. After oven or smoker processing remainder should be frozen until needed.
    7. True venison lovers can grind together 9 lbs. of trimmed venison and 1 lb. of fresh beef fat for the above recipe.
  11. gofish

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    I am worried about you (in more ways than one[​IMG] ). Lets stay away from the rest of the toilet supplies when 'fabbing more toys! LOL

    Keep us posted on how that turd squirter works out! (Sorry, but I had to give it a nick name ..... I hope the name sticks)

    Your Evil Twin strikes[​IMG]

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