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  1. Hey all y'all!... I'm wanting to build a dedicated mini-wsm for rotisserie use... I' m going to use a small water pressure tank (20 gal ?, bladder tank)... looks to be 20" diameter, 12" up-right sides and 3" crowned top and bottom. but with nice thick metal... looks a lot like a wsm on steroids. <smile>

    My question is, using it ONLY as a rotisserie, do I have enough height to do this?... what's a good rotisserie height above the heat source ( wood chunks burned down to coals). There's only me, so my Grilling/BBQ/Smoking tends to be in small quantities for myself, I've got a disca for grilling, an oilfield pipe BBQ, a single uds for smoking and a double vertical uds for smoking homemade sausage, with a rocket stove and wok for veggies... I'm pretty well covered except for the durn rotisserie. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. As long as it rotates, 5 inches or more is enough.  I would shoot for about 6 to 7 inches to get a slower cook.  You could space mounting holes for the rotisserie every couple of inches, and plug the unused holes with bolts to explore your options. 
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    I have looked at using one of my minis as a rotisserie. It really comes down to how large is the hunk of meat you want to fling around. One of the reasons I haven't done it is the limited space in the mini for getting the meat and rod all set up. It's nice to have some room to do that. My UDS provides the needed room to get all of that together.

    Have you seen Chef Willies Keg smoker? He uses a rotisserie with it and it's pretty cool!


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    Thx for the nod there Case.....my spinner rod sits about 18 inches above the coal basket and I can tell ya from experience IF I load to many coals in there at once the heat funneling up & out is extreme....around 450 until the coals settle down. I've learned to use half loads to start and add more down the opening if needed......Willie
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    Willie If I'd seen your little keg smoker back when I was in college at UO I wouldn't have been getting my keg deposits back!
  7. Hey Ya'll... Thanks for the quick replies!... I'll follow up on the links ya'll gave me.

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