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Discussion in 'Beer & Ale' started by mintee, Jul 24, 2011.

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    Thank you Brew Bama!
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    Hey Matt

    Thanks for the info.  Something new to me

  3. I'm so new to the site that this is my 1st post.

    How long have you been brewing? Since Aug 1994.

    All-grain or Extract? Yes, mostly all grain, but occasionally will brew up a Speed Brew with DME.

    What was the last beer you brewed? I have a Wheat Ale ready to keg and Pale Ale in a secondary (carboy). I just kegged a Stone's IPA and a SNPA. I have another 6-7 kegs (currently full) of assorted ales.

    Bottle or Keg? Yes. I have 18 racks (plastic cases) of 1/2 liter bottles that I brought back from Germany. I also own 23-25 (?) corny kegs and 25 carboys. I have a kegerator with double taps, a keezer that holds 8 kegs (in garage), plus my own brew kitchen, beer fridge and storage area in the basement.

    Favorite Styles? German Hefe Weizen and Pale Ales. I keep 200-300# of grain and several # of hops on hand at all times. I also harvest my yeast for reuse.

    To the originator of the thread: I was born and raised across the river from you in Camden. I also lived So Philly (1966-68). Left Jersey for good in 1987.
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    Holy cow, that's a pretty hardcore setup.  Would love to see some pics of your vast amount of equipment in use!  Especially the keezer... I'm hoping to move from bottling to kegging at some point and I want to do a keezer, so I like to look at what other people have done
  5. LOL! I take a millon pictures a week (OK, not really), but I've never taken a pic of my keezer. Odd.

    Come to think of it, I am certain there must be a ton of keezer pics on the net for viewing.

    Where are you in CT?

    Are you member of Homebrewtalk.com? I am, but I haven't been there in what seems like years. I would be Homebrewer_99 if you ever see me there.
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    Glad to find this thread.  I've been brewing for about 10 years.  I do extract with specialty grains.  I don't do all that many batches a year, usually 3 or 4.

    I like to take my brews with me camping and kegs don't really do well for in the camper.  

    My favorite is Belgian Wit.
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    Kevin from California here!

    Been brewing for 20 years this month. I do mostly extract brewing, but do have a number of all grains under my belt. I bottle my beer, and currently have an Irish Stout in the secondary at this time. Currently have a German Ale, Kolsch, Octoberfest and Honey Lager in the cellar. I try and brew at least once a month with focus on German style beers. These are for my wife who was in the Army and stationed in Germany and fell in love with beer while there.

    We also make wine, can, make our own sausage, year round garden, raise chickens for meat and eggs and raised and butchered our Thanksgiving turkey this year.

    Glad to have found this site
  8. First brew in 1995

    Purchased Wichita Homebrew Supply in 1998  www.txhomebrew.com as a part-time venture

    Designed and have built/sold over 20 "Ken's Megga Mash Towers" a 3 tier All Grain Setup

    Upgraded my own tower to a HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculated Mash System) about 12 gallon max all-grain

    Keg for 9 Tap homebuilt Walk-in Cooler with 2 additional taps out by the smoker

    Still bottle in 20oz PET sold drink bottles for annual trip to beach

    Hard Nipple Pale Ale is my favorite dry hopped with Amarillo but last brew was an extract Pumpkin Ale with a customer lesson
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    I dont do beer yet. I have enough irons in the fires. Wine and Cider.

    Made my first in 2010.

    Tonight I will bottle 5 gallons of hand picked blackberry thats been oaked for the last month. Cider isnt even remotely close to the clarity I am looking for so its going to bulk age more. It was also started in late Oct vs Aug for the blackberry.

    I do 10-20 gallons a year max.
  10. Been brewing for several years. I have done many extract, partial, and all grain. My preference is a partial mash. The last I brewed was an "All Citra Blonde". Everything I brew, I bottle, usually 22 oz's.

    My favorite style is a true Sour like a Rodenbach. Just finished a bottle of aged Brux. Amazing.
  11. bdawg

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    I love Rodenbach, but it's really sweet. 

    If you REALLY want to try a sour, you need to try Cantillon Gueze is absolutely, without a question, one of the most mind-blowingly great sour beers in the world.
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    Wow. I sense another hobby comin' on!  One of my daughters bought me a complete brew kit this past year.  It is sitting behind me as I type.  Haven't used it yet but this thread sure has me interested in reading the instructions and learning more.  Just need time.  Glad to know there's plenty of brewperts here for questions! 
  13. bdawg

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    I started with a Mr. Beer kit back in 2002.  It was a Christmas present from my sister in law.  Talk about a hobby that will suck you in!  Now 11 years later, I've brewed hundreds of batches. It wasn't enough to homebrew, I had to start reading homebrew forums that are as dedicated to home brewing as this one is to smoking. Then I had to start entering homebrew competitions, which led me to wondering what the judges were looking for, which prompted me to become a beer judge, which prompted me to become a better brewer, which prompted me to become a better judge, which prompted me to start teaching other brewers how to judge, which <you can see the exponential death spiral here>. 

    My wife is still pissed off at her sister for creating a monster.  I just laugh that evil mad scientist laugh: Muuuaaaaaahahahahaha!
  14. noboundaries

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    Thanks for the belly laugh!!!  My wife recognizes the signs when I climb full bore into a hobby or interest.  She just smiles knowing she'll never have to stress over what to get me for Christmas and special occasions!
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    Holy smokes!   I just joined this forum today to learn more about smoking and grilling.  I got really excited after seeing that there are some homebrewers on here.  I have been brewing for about 5 years now.  I mostly go all-grain but still do some extract batches every now and then.  I now only keg my beer....way too easy over bottling!  I have a kegerator with four taps lines on it.  I am currently serving 2 different saisons,  a hopbursted red ale, and a bubblegum german hef.  

    Really glad to see there are homebrewers here, cheers!
  16. For Christmas my girlfriend bought me a brewing kit from Midwest Supply and a couple extract kits. I can't wait to do my first brew. I have SOOOOO much to learn so don't be surprised if I ask you experienced home brewers a lot of questions.
  17. Ask away. Most important thing is sanitation. Nothing unsanitized should ever touch the beer. Make sure fermentation temp is not too high. I like 68º for ales.
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    HI all,

    Been brewing for about 5 years.  I do all grain and usually 5.5 gallon batches.  My last brew was an IPA using all Amarillo hops, and is a beer that I try to brew every year - it is really good.  I bottle all my beer.  I have 9 batches in the bottle at this time and have not yet figured out how to get my wife to buy me a fridge that holds that many (or more) kegs.  My next brew - probably this week, will be a Porter.

    I do not have a real favorite style, but tend towards dark, full body (chewy) beers, often times with coffee and chocolate, and IPA's, with a Belgian thrown in here and there.  I do not like sours at all.

    I also make wine and mead.
  19. Hey all, been homebrewing for about 10 years now, , mostly extract and partial grain kits. My favorites are a variation of weisse beer for the summer(honey, green apple, etc) and some darker for the winter, brown, red, or bock. I've also dabbled in meads, just finished the last bottle of my first batch made in 2006(Rasberry Gingermead) and it was delicious.

    I don't have a fancy set up, just using 2 5gallon glass carboys and a single 5 gal brewing bucket. I sprang for 1/2 liter(16.9oz?) glass swingtop bottles that make it much easier to bottle

    I really like letting the flavor in the beers develop and trying out the different recipes as they age.

  20. canadianbacon

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    I just started brewing, I started from scratch tho, No kits, I like doing everything from scratch, know whats going in my stuff and pick it my self. Kinda like my dry rubs and brines lol... Im making hard cider right now.

    One day.... maybe ill play in the hillbilly arts of distilling. Maybe....The laws in Canada are more lenient on that sorta stuff then the US if you not selling it so its less of a worry. Plus, who likes playing x2 the amount for liqour because of the taxes on it??? Its almost like a Prohibition charge! haha jk
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