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Discussion in 'Beer & Ale' started by mintee, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Your pics are not showing up. I think the code is incorrect or something. You can post pics directly, you don't need to use photobucket.
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  2. losttxbrewnq

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    It does.. I don't have the recipe on me, I'll get the amounts and schedule to you when I can to the recipe.
  3. bdawg

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  4. rglozon

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    HI All

    New to smoking but brewing for about 40 years. Live in Ontario Canada and was an original member of CABA ( Canadian Amateur Brewers Association) which was the lead voice in changing the laws in Canada to allow mass home brewing and the start of brew pubs back in the later 70's early 80's. For the past 30 of them years its been all grain, fruits and adjuncts. With my new hobby of smoking looking forward to being part of this Forum
  5. I've been brewing for about a year and a half, started with Mr Beer and went from there

    I brew all grain, did one extract batch besides the Mr Beer and went straight to all grain.  Working on building a single tier using 3 keggles

    Last brew was a Tall Grass Halcyon clone

    Keg in a 7cu ft keezer

    I'd say my favorite style is the Belgian Wit
  6. losttxbrewnq

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    Sorry I never posted the recipe, kegged it two days ago and it didn't even come close to the last attempt. Good beer, just not Twilight clone worthy.
  7. usmcrob

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    Hibiscus Ginger Saison
  8. Nice lookin brew.... Get that keezer !! I found one on Craigslist for next to nothing !! Nothin like pourin your own brew from the tap for your friends !!
  9. I've been brewing beer for about 6 years now. I just started smoking meat! I'll definitely post some pics and a recipe next time I brew!
  10. Recently started brewing some mead with my brother. Going to be a long 9-12+ months waiting for it to be ready... haha
  11. usmcrob

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    Brew up a quick little hefe or blonde!  Brew day to pour in less than a month!  Holla if you want a recipe!
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    Thanks!  I've got the chest freezer already... picked it up for $50 off craigslist... It will fit 3 of my 5 or 8 gal sankes...   Just need to get all the CO2 stuff, faucets, etc, and build up the collar.  Just picked up a side by side fridge for free that is now my beer fridge...
  14. bratrules

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    After all this beer talk i thought i would post a pic of my latest brew!!

    This brew cleaned up really well in about two weeks. It tastes really good!!
  15. I have basic wine making equipment (carboys, airlocks, and whatnot...) can I brew beer with that?
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  16. Yes , it's a good start .... Check out morebeer.com for info..
  17. You will need a big pot to boil the wort in. Sounds like you have everything else to get you started.
  18. Cool, I could use a bigger pot to cook the must for my mead making as well, have to do it in 2-3 batches for a 5-6 gallon carboy.
  19. usmcrob

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    Sorry! Didn't check back for a bit. You can absolutely brew with that! Like someone already mentioned, you will just need a pot. You can get away with a 16-20 qt pot brewing extract recipes. That's how I started. Check out Homebrewtalk, they have all kinds of great info. Also, Austin Home Brew Supply has a ton a great recipes,and almost all of them are available in extract.
  20. mcdreven

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    1. I've been brewing AG for about five years.
    2. I've brewed all grain from the start, done a couple of extract brews to experiment.
    3.Last beer I brewed was an American Amber Ale/Scotch Ale, going for a smaller alcohol clone version of Bear Republic's Red Rocket Ale.
    4. Tap beer is the best option for homebrew, nothing beats beer on tap at home!
    5. Favorite styles would be all ales, Stouts, Barleywines, IPAs, English Bitters, American Amber/Red Ales, Lambics, Belgian Quads/Strong Dark Ales, Pale Ales.
    Currently have on Tap an Aussie Pale Ale, with Citra and Galaxy and American Amber, brewing a Pale Ale tomorrow and smoking up a beef roast and a corned beef for pastrami.
    Great to see so many home brewers on here, beer and meat are inseparable!

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