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Discussion in 'Beer & Ale' started by mintee, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. mintee

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    I know I'm really new to the forum here, but I see a lot of talk about homebrewers and thought I should start a Rollcall thread.

    I've been brewing for about 10 years now, and am opening a homebrew supply store in Philly in the next 2 months.  I just recently started smoking meats in the past year or 2 and I'm glad to call SMF my new home.  I typically always brew on Sundays, but recently I've been brewing and smoking in the same day. 

    So let's get to know each other, and maybe share some recipes or just toast to good food, good beers, and good times!


    How long have you been brewing?

    All-grain or Extract?

    What was the last beer you brewed?

    Bottle or Keg?

    Favorite Styles?
  2. mintee

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    I've been brewing for 10 years. 

    All-Grain with a cooler Lauter/Mash tun combo (pics to come)

    I just brewed a Roasty and Toasty Stout.  Came in at 1.052.  I'll throw it on nitro when it's finished.

    Keg.  I have 3 CO2 taps and 1 Stout tap on a modified fridge.

    I like traditional beers. Hail to Reinheitsgebot!!!  ESB, Pale Ales, IPA, Stout and Porters.  Throw imperial onto any of those and I'll be happy.  Not a big fan of the wacky Belgium beers or wheat beers. 
  3. I do all grain with 3 half barrel kegs. There is a post of one of my brew sessions somewhere on here. I used to own a homebrew store in Charlotte with 4 other guys. It's a tough business. We were very well liked and had lots of customers. Still didn't make any money though. We even started a forum called the Brewboard which is still around but we still couldn't stay afloat. The margins are low and competition is high. Hope you got lots of money to start with.
  4. heyer5

    heyer5 Meat Mopper

    I've assisted quite a few times with homebrewing.  We did extract with specialty grains and they have all turned out fantastic.  I love nothing more then brewing but with my apartment, I don't exactly have the room to tackle it on my own, shucks!  At least there is room for my smoker!
  5. I received a Mr. Beer kit this past Christmas from the kids.

    Since the kit came with Extracts that is all I have used..... it is simple.

    American Blonde Ale


    I tend to like beers similar to Amber Bock and Cream Ales such as (((gasp))) Little Kings or Robin Hood.

    I do not like any of the fruits and nuts and twigs and berries beers.
  6. pintobean

    pintobean Smoke Blower

    1. About a year

    2. Extract and Partial Mash, but about to pull the trigger to go all-grain (just can't beat the cost difference)

    3. Last beer was Munich Helles

    4. Bottle

    5. Doppelbock, German Lagers, Rauchbier
  7. mintee

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    Good for you.  May I recommend a cooler with copper pipe as your mash/lauter system.  PM me is you need any help.  Ya, the cost of extract is just silly.  It's gone up about 100% in the past year which just kills retailers.
  8. rbranstner

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    I have helped my buddy brew several times in the past few months and its a lot of fun. It seems like brewing and smoking go hand in hand and make a great fun filled day. Maybe some day you can grow into a Brew and BBQ store. Good luck with your new store.
  9. pintobean

    pintobean Smoke Blower

    That's what I was going to do, going to use a 10 gal rubbermaid w/ ss false bottom, and was going to build my own sparge arm out of copper

    I like that Idea..."Brew 'n Que"
  10. bob g

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    1. Been brewing 6 years. Also spent 2 years working at a now closed brewery here in town, the last 3 months as head brewer.

    2. All-grain from day one. Cooler mash tun, keggle, immersion chill, glass ferment.

    3. Last beer brewed was an English Summer Ale.

    4. I Keg. On tap now - Milk Stout, Pale Ale, ESB, JD Barrel Aged Rye IPA

    5. I lean toward big chewy malt driven beers but have no particular favorite style.


    My beer


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  11. I began brewing back around 1993 for a few years and stopped.  I started back in 2009.  When I quit, I had 3 keggles and several cornie keg fermenters.  I also had a two tower tap in our basement.  I was into culturing yeast and had a fridge full of yeast slants.  I even had a little micro lab with a laminar flow hood.  I sold everything except for a brand new pump, a Johnson Controls thermostat and a few other little things.  Now I have a new RIMS that I built with two 10g colman beverage coolers and a 40qt ss kettle.  I don't have any corny kegs anymore.  I'm now using 10g HD poly something containers.  I also have 9 tap-a-draft kegs (bottles) and two regulators.  I've had good success with those and they are much easier to take places.
  12. thebigred67

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    How long have you been brewing? Been at it for about 2.5 years now but have only done mead and wine. Must be the Viking in me!

    All-grain or Extract? Honey and fresh fruits.

    What was the last beer you brewed? It was a Lavender brown sugar brew and I have no idea what you would call it.

    Bottle or Keg? I bottle to one gallon glass bottles.

    Favorite Styles? I have a persimmon  mead that is a great Christmas brew!

    It all started when I got free peaches a few months after buying the new house. I had room and about 100 lbs of pears. Made a pear mead and a pear wine. The wine was fantastic, very much like an oaked Chardonnay. The mead was undrinkable. I don't like to fail so I kept working at it and now I am great at it.
  13. michael ark

    michael ark Master of the Pit

    My trees loaded with persimmon.Any chance to get that?
  14. 1. I've been brewing for about 10 years, started on Mr. Beer kit but went to all grain when we bought out house.

    2. I luv good Stout, Oktoberfests and other German beer styles, I won Gold last year at the Michigan Beer Cup for my Dopplebock.

    3. My last beer was trying to re-brew my dopplebock but had a chiller issue came out lower than intended.

    4. Bottles, just cuz cornies are expensive, but looking into it eventually

    5.Oktoberfests, Stout, Dunkel, Dopplebock, Pilsner,

    Brew Strong! and Cheers!

  15. thebigred67

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    Two pounds of honey per gallon. (You can use more if you  like. It gets to around 7 / 8 %.) Simmer and skim the scum off the top. Add 2 tablespoons fresh ginger per gallon, 1.5 to 2 cups of persimmon, 4 cloves, one stick of cinnamon and boil for fifteen minutes. Cool strain and pitch with EC1118 lalvin champagne yeast. You can finish it as sweet or dry as you want but if you want it to be bubbly you need some sugar to be there when you cap. It opens like champagne so do it in a sink and do it slow. The wife likes it mixed with dark rum and stirred.
  16. michael ark

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  17. thebigred67

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    No problem, I have a batch of that fermenting right now myself. Really looking forward to it but I have to save a bunch of it for holidays though.
  18. Always nice to meet fellow homebrewers, especially those who enjoy smoking and great food.

    How long have you been brewing? I have been brewing for 16 years.

    All-grain or Extract? All grain for past 15 years.

    What was the last beer you brewed? Irish stout and rye IPA

    Bottle or Keg? Keg - 2 tap chest freezer conversion

    Favorite Styles? I enjoy IPA's and stouts

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  19. 15 years of All grain. Going to finally build a brewstand this weekend.

    Here is how I mash now.


    Then I wheel it outside to the cooker.


    See my avatar. That's my dispensing system.
  20. africanmeat

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    Wow Wow it looks great this is labor of love.i love it ......

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