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  1. I am currently finishing a home built project and thought I would post the progress from start to present. Set up us: 275 gallon tank smoker pit with gull wing doors and rear drafted fire pit. I will be using a sheet metal drafting method to evenly heat and smoke the box. Front will house 2/ 810 cu. offset smokers mounted on 2X3 box beams for easy on easy off method. I am also thinking of mounting one of those hitch mount cargo baskets below the rear overhang on a swing out system for setting steamer pots for corn or crabs and such. Here are some shot from start to now as seen in the second pic.

    1st coat of heat treated and primer went on yesterday, I still need to mount my front offset's and build my cooking grates. I have been working on this most of the winter when time and budget permitted. Word of advice, be ready to spend major cash on this type of project as metal is not cheap. Thanks for looking.
  2. Looks nice. Have you done a test burn to see how it performs?
  3. I have actually done the second burn this weekend and added ducting in the food chamber to spread the heat evenly. I have gotten a bit further to completion and will add more pics this week.
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    looks like its coming alone nicely [​IMG]
  5. Almost complete. Just need to add the other grill up front and finish minor items. It is a bit further than the pics show but I cannot find a more up to date one  

  7. Looks great! Never thought of using a sea doo trailer, good idea!
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  8. It's not as sexy as the ones you can buy, but I have pride that I built it with my hands. I have always wanted to do one and learned a ton while doing it. May do another in the future using my lessons learned. Thanks for the compliment

  9. Here she is, all complete and doing her first catering mission. All went awesome, cooked 30 racks of baby backs to perfection (using Jeff's rub recipe) and the people were running back for more. We also picked up 2 more jobs while on-site. Great day to be a smoker.
  10. I really like your ideas. I want to build with a similar tank and mod it based on the 'Good One'.  Anyway I digress, love your finished product!

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