Holiday Pork Butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by pc smoker, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Here is what I smoked for the holiday.


    This weighed 8 pounds.


    Ready for a mustard rub and a coating of meowey's rub recipe.


    I applied a thin layer of mustard.


    Here it is after applying the rub and wrapping in plastic for an over night stay in the fridge.


    On the smoker at the crack of noon the next day.  Attempted to keep the temperatrure at around 230.


    After about 2 hours I misted the top and sides with a 3:1 apple juice:captain morgans mixture.  I continued misting hourly until it was time to wrap in foil.


    After it reached 170 I wrapped in a double layer of foil.  I meant to add some of my misting mixture to the foil but neglected to do so.


    I waited for the pork to hit 205 then it was removed from the smoker, wrapped in a bath towel and placed into a small cooler.


    Here it is after about two hours in the cooler.


    The end result.  I placed it in a gallon freezer bag and refrigerated it over night.  A few hours before my friends arrived i worked some of SoFlaQuer's sauce into the pork, covered it with foil and placed in a 200 degree oven to warm it up.  It turned out great and there was none left at the end of the night.  I couldn't have done this without the info I gathered off of this forum.

    Thanks for looking.

  2. meateater

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    Nice job! I wish I had Hormel pork in my parts. 
  3. pineywoods

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    That looks awesome and I'm sure tasted even better. Congrats on a great smoke I'm sure all your family and guests enjoyed it.
  4. smokinal

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    Beautiful! Looks absolutely delicious!
  5. raptor700

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    Very nice Jim,

    The color is Awesome!  [​IMG]
  6. fpnmf

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  7. eric walters

    eric walters Newbie

    I am going to the local BBQ place for lunch and have pulled pork now!
  8. hardslicer

    hardslicer Smoking Fanatic

    nice pics.......thanks for sharing  [​IMG]

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