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Discussion in 'Cheese' started by crappiekid, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. I thought it was time to get some more cheese ready for Xmas. It is a balmy 7 degrees Celius(that's about 43 F for my American friends) up here in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. This is basically my first post since introducing myself over a year ago, I can say that it is pleasure to learn this hobby from all of you here. I have been able to smoke ribs, butts, abts, cheese, venison, chicken, turkey, fatties, beans(one of my favorites) and even eggs with the help from a lot of great people here.  I did not realize how many different things there are that I can smoke! Thought it was time to add more cheese to my stockpile for the upcoming holidays, so I picked up some jalapeno, herb and garlic and old white cheddar and thought its time to put some smoke to this............

    I loaded up my tube smoker (thanks Todd), with some apple pellets and put the cheese in just about 1pm. My Masterbuilt is keeping temp at about 66 degrees F according to my Maverick. Plan on smoking this cheese for 4 hours.  I will be sure to post some finished pics later.
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    It is to warm here so I will be waiting for a cool day,nice start I'll be watching

  3. Its been 2 hours now so I thought I would post some more pics..............(pretty excited I taught myself how to upload pictures finally). Smoker is at 70 degrees F now .........

     Little hard to see from this picture but cheese it starting to take on some nice color.....................

     I"ll tell ya, this herb and garlic cheese smells amazing, cant wait to try it out. Never smoked the jalapeno cheddar before either. Would be interested to know what other types of wood would go good with these two cheeses if anyone has tried others? I am thinking I need to pick up some more of both.
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    Cheese it will take smoke from any kind of wood I like Alder,Apple,Cheery, just did some with cob pellets haven't tried it yet.

    Make sure to let that cheese rest a few weeks 

  5. Will definitely be waiting Richie, that's why I thought get in in today then I would have about 6-7 weeks till Xmas. I really like to wait at least a month before I dig in, the longer the better I find. I have tried cherry and like that a lot as well, never tried alder I saw that the other day at Home Hardware maybe try some of that. Cob pellets sounds interesting I look forward to how that  turns out for you. What do you think of pecan? I was thinking of mixing some in with the apple and trying another batch of the same cheeses tomorrow. Maybe just have to buy some alder and experiment, that's all part of fun.
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    Pecan That I love smoking Chicken I will have to give that a shot. The cob will be tasted on T-Day

  7. Oh ya, great on the birds both turkey and chicken. That's why I was wondering if anyone has tried it with cheeses since I have some pellets here. Cant hurt to try it, maybe in a 50/50 mix with the apple.
  8. Well its been 4 hrs now, time to take the cheese off the smoker..........thought I'd do a before/after shot.

    Now its off to the fridge to rest for 1-2 days before vacuum sealing it up....................

    Thanks to all who make this such a great place to learn the craft of 'Smoking'.
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    CK looks great should get great color before X-Mas Thanks for sharing 


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  10. Thanks Richie for looking and for the points, appreciate that. I am going to vac seal them up today and hide them from the fam. Just finished looking at the weekly flyers and I see cheese is on sale this week, oh and look ribs too. Wifey thinks I am obsessed, never seen me pay so much attention to the weekly deals in the grocery stores. Lol........
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    CK That looks great Nice job and nice color

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

  12. Thanks very much, appreciate the comments.

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