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  1. Hi Guys and Gals, new to the forum and this is my first post, I'm looking for some advice on a couple of Hobart slicers, I'm gonna buy either a like new Hobart 512 manual slicer or a nice condition Hobart 1712 automatic slicer, both slicers come with the sharpener and the 1712 even has the cabbage attachment which I would probably never use, the price is about the same for each slicer, keep in mind this is for personal use and will be used maybe 10 times a year, I have no experience with nice slicers, So any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you
  2. I don't know anything about the 2 models. However any Hobart is going to be good. You didn't say what you planned on slicing.

    I have a 12" Univex that I found on Craigslist. I have under 200 in it and it did come with a sharpener.

    Then I found a new open box Deni 7.5" That I paid 30.00 for.

    This is a packer brisket that I removed the flat.

    I will probably use the Smaller Deni more just because of the weight. I don't think you will need the automatic slicer for home use.

    Happy smoken.

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  3. Looks great David!! Thank you
  4. venture

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    No experience with those Models that I know of?  No idea what the Model numbers were in the restaurants I worked in?

    For normal homeowner use, the automatic would not be necessary, and the manual has less parts to go bad?  For the same price?

    Guess you have a decision to make.  I would go with your thoughts on the condition of each, and your planned usage.

    As mule stated, keep in mind that the Hobart will be heavy and bulky.

    Either way, you will have a great piece of machinery and replacement parts are available for most.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  5. c farmer

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    Yea, dont need the auto.

    Either on will be a great slicer.

    I have a 1612. Love it
  6. rexster314

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    All things equal, I'd pop for the 1712. I have a 1612 and the 1712 was the next generation. Having the automatic option will make it easy if you do bacon a lot. I do 12 bellies at a time and when I get done my right shoulder knows it's had a workout.
  7. Thanks for all the input,
  8. I ended up going with the 512, more slicer than I will ever need
  9. Well lets see some pics of your new toy.

    Happy smoken.

  10. I'm back to work so I'm out of town until Tuesday, I will post some pics when I return home

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