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  1. test...test... strange. just replied to a post, and 5 min later I do not yet see it.

    Don't panic, Jeff heh.. I was doing alot of "window dancing"- opening new views to get thread and pict URL's etc. Probably confused the board. As an aside...did you remove the delete post option? I was just gonna vaporize this one if it went thru.
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    Testing my signature...
  3. navionjim

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  4. navionjim

    navionjim OTBS Member

    Well that seemed to work.
  5. You got Coley-ized too, eh? Cool!
  6. Didja get a chance to use any cherry? Hope ya did!
  7. Test Test test
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    Rich, Click on "Edit" then click on "Go Advanced", there you will find the option to delete the post. If that doesn't work you can always send the URL to one of us Moderators and request that the item be deleted. Keep in mind that there might be a SMALL fee involved!![​IMG]
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    I like writing in red

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