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Discussion in 'Pork' started by hdsmoke, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. hdsmoke

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    Ok, here is my dilemma.  I am camping 4th of July weekend i am doing 2 butts, about 9lbs each on my WSM.  For dinner Friday evening (anywhere from 6-8 eating time is fine).  I dont know if its my temps or what but typically (i have done about 4 this size) they take about 12 hours give or take.  I do run a bit hotter closer to the 250 sid ethan the 225 side.  So, i was thinking about getting up and getting them on by 5am, but there will most likely beer beer involved in fairly large quantity the night before and im not as young as i once was to get up the next day!  So, i am thinking maybe put them on at somewhere between 12-2am and then my WSM will run no problem until 7am or so when i get up to check on it.  But then there is the problem if they finish early say noon.  I guess if i start it closer to the 2am time then the chances of being done too early are slim.  Then cooler time is no prob.  I guess thats what i will do.  Sorry, kind of thinking out loud here! 
  2. herkysprings

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    Smoke them Saturday during the day, re-heat in oven on the 4th.

    That way you get:

    1) Beer drinking while BBQing on a Saturday

    2) Enjoy the 4th without worrying about having dinner ready on time and a good nights sleep.

    3) Run the WSM on the 4th with some ABTs, and Dutch's Wicked Beans
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  3. hdsmoke

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    Thanks...but im doing this for Friday eve dinner, not the 4th.  And reheating in an oven while camping is not an option for us.  So i have to smoke Friday...the question is put it in tipsy at 2am or hungover at 5am!  2am sounds like the better option. 

  4. matts

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    Go for the 2am deal.  Once they are done, then foil up real tight, wrap in a few towls and then put in cooler.  They will stay pretty warm for a long time.
  5. deannc

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    For me the tipsy 2 (lol) schedule would work best.  And like Matt said, you can wrapped them up in you finish a little early.

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