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  1. Just joined this Forum and I am happy to be here! I've been a member of Ray Basso's BBQ forum for years, but not so active recently -- Just too many other things to get done. I retired the middle of Nov, 2014, so maybe that will help some! But truthfully, working on things around the house here have kept me very busy since this Spring.

    I'm located in North Carolina, northwest of Charlotte a ways. Relocated to here in 1982 from Kernersville, NC area, where I was living during an 8 year job assignment. I was born and reared in Newton, NC. My field of work was electrical engineering, having graduated from NC State Univ in 1971. Hobbies include amateur radio (WB4EXW), gardening (NOT flowers!), cooking, wine-making (I grow muscadines and apples), hunting & fishing (when I can), drinking (LOL! It's part of Q'ing ain't it?).

    Used to raise a couple of pigs every year, but work stopped that. Maybe I need to start again!

    Have been Q'ing for over 15 years; however, I don't do it real often like some folks do. Main smoker is a Klose 20x42 which I have modified with tuning plates and propane assist. Original smoker which I still have was an S&P Pro which I heavily modified - door gaskets, changed stack totally, modified firebox and added tuning plates, and added gas as an option or assist. I have 2 of the "cheepo" kettle smokers which I mostly use for things like beer-butt chicken, etc, but I made mods so I can stack them and use the combo for hot or cold smoking. The kettles can use either charcoal or gas + wood for the smoke.

    I've recently done some lurking here, from doing searches in seeking some additional info on "gas-assist". I've not been totally happy with the gas assist burner/venturi assembly I installed on my Klose, and I been working on some mods to it. I got particularly interested in a post that a member here, "Jet_deck" made and I hoped to be able to pick his brain a bit. That post was back in 2008, so he may or may not still be around.

    If anyone wants pics of how I installed tuning plates on the Klose or the S&P, I have them, as well as other such things.

    Glad to meet y'all!!

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  2. one eyed jack

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    Welcome to the site Mr. Drip.  Congratulations on you impending retirement.  Hope that it opens up plenty of smoking time for you.
  3. Thanks, Jack, and in reading your post, I realized I had a typo in my message --- I retired in Nov, 2014, not 2015!! I corrected my error.

    Glad you made me notice this!
  4. one eyed jack

    one eyed jack Master of the Pit

    Well then;  Congratulations on your recent retirement.  [​IMG]

    Glad I could help.

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