High Temps (300+) With Masterbuilt Pro Gasser

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  1. Hello All, 

    I'm hosting 20+ people next weekend and doing a pork butt, and it's my first time doing one so I'm doing a test smoke today. It's also my first time using my Maverick ET-733 thermometer. The problem is (that I am just now seeing) with the water pan full, top vent wide open, bottom vents barely open, and a 5 lb pork shoulder in (for about 30 mins now) I'm having a hard time getting the smoker temp down below 300. Actually, as I've been typing this it has dropped from 315 to 293. I want it down under 270. Any suggestions from you folks that have a vertical gas unit?

    Any tips are greatly appreciated.
  2. chad e

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    On my WSM... it's very important to me to slowly "creep" up to my desired temp. Overshooting it then trying to come back down is way more work.
  3. I know if you're using wood or charcoal as fuel instead of gas it's easier to start low and work up, but with gas I've found it difficult. I had to play with the valve on the tank to keep it below 270 but the flame is either out or jumps up to 300. My 4-ish lb shoulder got to 197 in 6.5 hours which to me is too fast. I wrapped it in foil and turned off the smoker. I'm going to leave it sit for 45 minutes or so before I shred it and feast. Is there anything else I can do to control the fuel and keep it in the mid-lower 200s? I've heard you can replace the regulator but it can also be dangerous.
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    Isn't there a temp control on the smoker? My Smoke Vault can be adjusted anywhere from 180 to 425+ using the smoker knob.You shouldn't have to play with the tank valve. I even checked the SV thermometer using my Thermo Works Chef Alarm and the temps where only a few degrees different. Is your smoker new ? If it is perhaps it's not working properly. Is your temp probe working properly? Do a boiling water or ice test to check that Mav. Google how they are done. Good luck. MinCraig
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    I'm not familiar with your smoker, but doesn't it have a gas control valve?

    You should be able to adjust the flame up or down.

    If not then you need to install a needle valve so you can.

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    Do a search for needle valve. Lots of info. It was the only way i coud control my temps on my masterbuilt gasser.
    I dont recomend trying to use the tank valve to control the flame.
  7. Get yourself a needle valve, i did that upgrade the week before Father's day and it was the single most important mod i have done to my MB pro. I wasn't paying attention to the smoker and the temp dropped to under 160* and was super stoked that i was able to get that temp. and it now looks like I will be able to even go lower. I got my replacement from Lowe's for 25 bucks. Just do a search and you will find all sorts of answers.

    Hope that helps,

  8. Last July when I got my Masterbuilt Pro I was having the same issue. I contacted Masterbuilt directly. Turns out they sold a bunch of them with the wrong control valve. It took them two times to send me the right one. The one that came in it is pot-metal (silver colored) and the correct one is brass. It took all of ten minutes to install. It now has the correct temp range. It's a two screw fix with the right part from Masterbuilt. It will now run between 150° and up. Even lower if I set up wind blocks and pay close attention.

    I would contact them through the website. I know it's a bit late for your party, but that is the correct cure for your problem. And they sent the right part free of charge. I've read some of the "needle valve" fixes here on the forum for the same issue. I didn't want to do that. I wanted it right, with the correct parts and no additional parts that would cost me extra money and aggravation. 

    I want to add that this issue, and this thread in particular, is what prompted me to sign up in the forum.

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