High Temperatures in Offset SMokers

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  1.  Does one need a combination of wood and charcoal to reach and maintain high temperatures at or above 300 degrees or can you do it with charcoal alone? Also, is the highest temperature reached proportional to the amount of material used?
  2. all depends on the off set smoker...is it a cheap walmart one (really thin metal) or a expensive heavy duty style (thick metal)..is it air tight or leak smoke from the lid and main body of the smoke chamber...lump coal gets hotter than charcoal..sometimes if you have to much lit in your firebox it will smother itself out from the ash..each smoker is unique in its own way for how fast it heats and how well it holds or looses heat. 
  3. Lets start by asking what offset are you using?

    You can get high temps with both wood an charcoal


    The higher temps can be reached with fuel and air. You have to get air to your fuel. So yes more fuel is required to get high temps, But without the air you still have no heat.

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  4. Thanks, David.I have an Oklahoma Joe. I just purchaed a STOKER and used it to season my pit at a constant temp of about 280 degrees. So the answer is the higher the temp the more charcoal?
  5. Thanks, Red. I have an Oklahoma Joe. I did seal the chanber and FB with a gasket, but a tiny bit a smoke leaks from the chamber. I have a Stoker too. Do i need to plug the gap at the inlet?
  6. Most informative, Thanks!

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