High Stall Temp?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by soonerfan1, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Ok guys, First things MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, what's the highest stall temp any of you have had on a brisket (point 6 lb.) This brisket never stalled till 7 1/2 hours into smoke at what I would consider a high stall temp of 189. Too high? I'm going on 2 hour stall so far. I'm using a Mav ET 73 and I checked my probes before using. Any ideas of why so high of a stall temp? Thanks for any input anyone has.
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    IMHO, stall temp is related to the amount of air flow... The higher the air flow, the lower the stall due to the evaporation rate increasing.... and the opposite is true.... If the meat is wrapped, no evaporation..... If the exhaust is closed, no evaporation.... Air flow is important to reduce the acrid, bitter flavor of too much smoke.....
    At times, I will smoke the meat for several hours with good air flow.... Stop the smoke and close the vent down to about 10% and finish the cook, to keep the meat moist and eliminate the stall......
    That works for me.... YMMV

  3. Well the brisket finally reached 196, so I pull off, double wrap in foil, wrap in towel and put in cooler, let rest for almost 2 hours. Go to slice and brisket is very tender, good smoke ring, but absolutely no taste what so ever, none, zero. What happened? Since this is only my second brisket to smoke, I injected and put rub on it and let sit for over 12 hours, get ready to smoke and put a little more rub on it, but you couldn't even taste it. Very disappointed in myself, or what I'm doing or not doing. IJDK!!!
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    Maybe it was lacking in enough salt.... I generally start with 2% salt by weight on big hunks of meat... then other seasonings like garlic, onion, etc......

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    Just what exactly is it that you mean by "no taste"- no smoke flavor? no beef taste? can't taste the rub?
  6. Yeah no beef taste, or rub taste, had plenty of smoke. Now I know my rub which I bought on line doesn't have a lot of salt, I bought it specially for that reason because of HBP, but I tasted it and you could taste some salt and the rub itself had a great flavor but even the injection marinade that I used, was gone, no taste. I will try a few things different next time. Probably add some salt to the rub I bought for one. Thanks
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    Sounds like your smoke overpowered everything. Maybe use less wood, less smokin time, or a lighter wood like oak.

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