High heat paint durability question

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by fwismoker, Apr 28, 2014.

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    Ok i built a UDS rotisserie which will never have a cooking grate in it. I made it to run charcoal or small wood splits. My plan when using splits was to burn a couple of small ones down to coals and drop in a small split when necessary to maintain temps.

    Here's my question...i used high heat 600 degree primer and then 900 degree caliper paint. That's plenty durable for say a basket full of red hot briquettes i just burned but I'm wondering if burning a couple of small splits in the charcoal basket would put off a bunch more heat than that. Basically i don't want to screw up my paint....i assume it'll be ok but am a tad apprehensive because i don't know how much hotter the splits will burn. 

    Keep in mind it will be in a charcoal basket, lid will be off and it will only be one or two small ones. Thanks
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    bump for any input. 
  3. Hello Keith.  I am certainly no expert but I fail to see you reaching those sort of temps..  Of course higher temps can be had but that would require the use of a bellows or some other form of forced air.  I think your paint job is safe.  Just my humble opinion.  Keep Smokin!

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    Thanks Danny...  I'm thinking I'm gonna burn the splits to coals outside of the drum anyway and then put the basket inside.  After that i'll just drop a split in when necessary to maintain temps.          

    I'll have to experiment with that this week but i want to wait until my thermometer comes in the mail.         I am excited to cook some chow over a real fire other than when i am camping!                  
  5. Good luck!  Keep Smokin!


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