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  1. Gonna due some pork butts tonight and I have some fresh hickory. Will I be able to use this for my smoke? I have a ECB converted to run on propane for heat. Only using the wood for the smoke.
  2. daddyzaring

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    I think you need to let it dry out for a month or two. I am not 100% sure on how long but pretty sure it needs to season first.
    I am sure someone else will be along shortly that will know for sure.
  3. northern greenhorn

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    I'd let that age, before using to smoke with, at least a few months, other wise you're gonna get creosote build up, and that's not a good thing, it will give you a bitter taste in your food
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    What they said....Split wood needs 6 + months to properly season.
  5. hdsmoke

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    Not if you cut/split up into smaller chunks. I cut my smoker wood down to about 6-8" long and about 2x2" in diameter. I put them in a milk crate and in the sun when its nice and in the garage in the rain. And if you want to speed it up more i run a dehumidifier. No, i have no science behind the dehumidifier...btu it seems to work. My chunks are ready to burn in about 2 months. Of course in a pinch for seasoned smoker wood...i can always go to my firewood pile and pull out some seasoned cherry!
  6. Kindling probably would take less time, now that I think about it...Still wouldn't use "green" hickory as seasoning wood.

  7. hdsmoke

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    No, i agree...it still needs SOME time to season.
  8. Thanks for the input. Bought some cherry chips to use tonight. I'll let the hickory season some before I use it.

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