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  1. I am very new to smoking.  I have been a chef for 17 years and I recently had a great experience with Smoking/ Roasting Pork Butts over night.  I decided to buy a old trailer and an old used oil tank, so that I can build my own smoker.  Mom always said, Go Big or Go Home! 

    I've been reading quite a bit about not using an old used home heating oil tank.  Now I'm freaked out!!  I've cooked in some real sketchy places and have seen some really bad stuff, but poisoning guests is not my intention.  I have read both sides of this situationa nd I guess I need to do what I feel most comfortable with.

    Thanks for Listening, I will post pics of the build as I go.
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    You should be okay with the tank, get it steam cleaned (twice) then burn it and wash it out good. Update your profile let us know were you are. Welcome to SMF chefdustin
  3. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a sunny, cool and nice East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

    You should feel right at home here  quite a few Chef's are members, be looking forward to watching your build

  4. Glad you joined the group. The search bar at the top of any page is your best friend.
    About anything you wanna know about smoking/grilling/curing/brining/cutting or slicing
    and the list goes on has probably been posted. Remember to post a QVIEW of your smokes.
    We are all smoke junkies here and we have to get our fix. If you have questions
    Post it and you will probably get 10 replies with 11 different answers. That is
    because their are so many different ways to make great Q...

    The oil tank should not be an issue as long as you take the time to properly clean it.
    Happy smoken.

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