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  1. Hi there, new to the forum, just got my latest smoker (been without for about 4 years) which is a Master Forge propane/charcoal unit from Lowes.  I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  This weekend I'll be doing my first two cooks with the new unit, doing a steelhead trout on Saturday with some sugar maple and a couple of stuffed pork loins on Sunday with some black cherry!  Looking forward to see if I can still put on a good "smoke show!"
  2. Welcome to SMF.....I really like smoking trout and salmon. I have fished Lake Superior for years and have done plenty of Coho and Atlantic Salmon. Lake Trout is also awesome on the smoker. I like using alder, maple and pecan along with either cherry, apple or lilac wood....Glad you decided to join the group....[​IMG]
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    Hello and [​IMG]  to SMF  

    Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 

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  5. Done, odd though, I recall doing that on Friday, perhaps I didn't click SAVE!  [​IMG]

    I have some pictures from the weekends smoking, I'll find the appropriate forum locations and post them up as soon as I have a chance!
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    Welcome,  looking forward to the Qview!
  7. Hi all, stupid question here but which forum should I post my Q-View thread(s) into...I tried to create a thread for my pork loin rolls in the Grilling Pork forum but I'm getting an insufficient privileges error when I do.

    Sorry if this is a newb type question, I'm a long time Internet forum user (been online since before the Internet was GRAPHICAL!) so maybe I've missed a basic FAQ or something?

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    :welcome1: to SMF
  9. [​IMG] Your pics will show up after 20 posts. It's a spam prevention thing.
  10. AH ok, that makes sense!  Thanks for the info!

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