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    I am retired and love to cook. I have used solar cooking in the past and find it was a lot of fun and enjoyment.  The fish cooked by my solar oven was terrific as well as the bread. I have been cooking for over 50 years now and still finding better ways to improve on my cooking skills. 

    Our daughter bought me a Traeger Lil Tex Elite wood pellet grill for Christmas last year, boy were we surprised at that gift. She should not have done it, but she said she wanted to. They just happen to have a bigger model and that's ok with me. I like the size we have and we live in a town home with a small patio. I do love this Traeger grill, don't burn the meat now and the wife is happy. If the wife is happy, then my life is happier.

    My first cold smoker was made with three, medium size, U-Haul moving boxes, aluminum foil, Elmer's glue, contact paper, metal shelf bracket with the double track standard uprights and of course the infamous "Duct Tape".

    Started off by closing one end of the box, trimming the second box down in order to slide inside the first box, after fitting pulled it out smeared Elmer's glue on it and placed it back into the 1st box. Repeated this step for the 3rd box. Spread slue on the inside of the 3rd box and applied the aluminum foil all around the insides. Mounted the shelf bracket and upright to the back of the box. Used an empty Pringle can, transformed into 'L' shape as a exhaust port. Used three layers of Duct Tape on the opening flap to be used as a hinge for the door. Covered the entire outside of the box with contact paper. Made two circular holes along the bottom part of one side. The 1st hole opening was made as an adjustable air flow input. The second hole opening was going to a tall chamber about 3/4 as tall as the inside was. This chamber was used for the smoke to come down and out. Thus giving more smoke time inside the box if the top part exhaust port was closed off. It worked great. Made mistake of showing the cold smoke to a friend and he liked it so much, that I just gave it to him.  At first he did not want to take it, but I said I would make another one, no big deal. So off to Chicago he went with it and is still enjoying the cold smoker.

    The second cold smoker after U-Haul box was made using a used, non-working mini fridge, an old BBQ stand and an empty PC tower case. I utilized two of the PC fans for drafting and drawing the smoke where I wanted it to go. Even made a spot so I could utilize a solar panel, 12vdc battery or a 110VAC convert to 12vdc in order for either one or both fans to operate. This turned out well ans is working great without the fans. Well, the fans are all wired in and ready to be used just in case...

    My next project is converting a working kegerator into a Smokin-Keg.  The kegerator has some tubing issues and my son-in-law did not want it anymore. Checked on the compressor and cooling coils and they are intact and temperature goes below freezing, which is great.  Got plans to mount an AMNPS on the outside and pipe or duct the smoke down the beer tower where the faucet is mounted. Then have the inside smoke come back up the same beer tower and exit. Just needing to size down the duct work for the smoke going down.  Plans in progress.

    Also do videography when grand-kids are playing lacrosse, soccer or hockey and other events.

    Living in Texas, born and raised Alabama, "Roll Tide".

    Read the following quote somewhere on the net and it fits me pretty good to a tee, "My 11th commandment: Thou Shalt Not Say: 'I've Nothing Else To Cold Smoke.' "
  2. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a nice warm day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

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    Glad it has finally stopped raining. It is nice and cool here in Carrollton.
    Looking forward to learning more and building less projects.

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