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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by pulled jerk, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. pulled jerk

    pulled jerk Newbie

    Hi all,

    UK BBQ freak here...

    I've come here to show and get advice on my evolving beer keg vertical smoker...

    I don't know all the terminologies and abbreviations yet so bare with me...

    I'm about to convert it to a vertical reversed flow design. And the method of doing it seems not to be documented anywhere. So I'll start a thread somewhere after I've found the best forum to post in and become more familiar with the site..

  2. Hello and Welcome to our addiction.  Many good folks here with a load of experience that they are more than willing to share.  If you have specific questions just start a thread and someone with experience will be along soon to offer advice.  All info you can provide us with such as smoker type, location and so on will help us answer any questions you may have, and pictures help a bunch.  Spend some time doing some research on the forums, tons of advice and recipes already available there.  Check out Jeff’s 5 day smoking E-Course ( link below ) that will help you get started.  Couple other good threads to help you get started included.  We look forward to your contributions.  Have fun.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!




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  3. Hello .  U.K. members now have our own group.  I would like to invite you to join our group.  We started in November 2013 but we are growing quickly.  Also, if you decide to join the group please have a read through the threads posted there and feel free to post some of your own.  If I can be of any help please feel free to PM me.  The link below will take you to the Group home page where you can join the Group.  Welcome to SMF.  Keep Smokin!


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  4. smokinal

    smokinal Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member SMF Premier Member


    to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!

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  5. smokin monkey

    smokin monkey Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Hi B, Welcome to our "Family" and "Addiction"

    Plenty of good folk on here, ask any questions you can think of, and you will get your answers.

    Please take time to look at the UK Smokers Forum,


    And introduce your self on the UK Roll Call

    We have had our 3rd UK Smokes weekend, where members attend and cooked over the weekend. Please use the link below to view the website.


    I have built a couple of things from Beer Kegs.

    Smokin Monkey �
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  6. bluewhisper

    bluewhisper Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Welcome to the board! If you're looking for advice, please know that when posting to a sub-group like UK then only members of that group can reply. That's why I joined the UK group though I'm in Ohio.
  7. pulled jerk

    pulled jerk Newbie

    KC5TPY, SmokinAl, Smokin Monkey, BlueWhisper

    Thanks for the welcome all...

    That's good to know about the subgroups @bluewhisper thanks for that.

    I'm waiting for a few parts to arrive then I'll be off to the build forums (I think) to show what I'm making and how I'm making it.. hope it works when done...

    I'm an engineer of sorts and like a bit of automation where I can, and using parts from the garage to do it is fun too..

    I have some experience with wood burning boilers;chip, pellet and log, so hope to have at least some ideas...

  8. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Hi B and welcome to the forum. Where in the UK are you from? It would be great if you can post up some photos of your beer keg so that we can watch the transformation as it is built. You will also get members posting suggestions and advice.
  9. pulled jerk

    pulled jerk Newbie

    Hi Wade,

    I'm east Midlands.

    I've got smoker pics I've been taking for a while and lots of food pics before cooking, but the kids gobble it all up before I get the cooked pics. So I'll compile a post when my parts arrive (tomorrow I hope) and I'll reveal my plans... I'll be sure to update this thread with a link to my build thread...

  10. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Everything that gets posted in the subgroups is also visible in the main forum when you click on Forum > New Posts and many US members join and respond to posts in the UK group. Most of us post in both the main forums and the UK groups depending on what we are looking for. The UK group is good for getting advice on the more UK specific questions like "where to buy?", "what is the equivalent of?", "who can I contact?" and the main forum deals with general smoking/curing advice, recipes etc.

    When translating recipes from the USA though you need to remember that the UK pint is 25% bigger than the US pint. Cups and spoons are the same size though.
  11. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

  12. smokin monkey

    smokin monkey Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Hi B, I am from Sutton In Ashfield, near Mansfield.
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  13. pulled jerk

    pulled jerk Newbie

    Notts lad originally mate, moved a bit further out into the sticks now though..

  14. tzukowski

    tzukowski Newbie

    Cool engineering!

  15. submariner

    submariner Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Welcome aboard!!!
  16. Thanks. I'm having a blast. Need more friends to eat up the results!

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