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  1. Just wanted to say hello from south central Oklahoma, Marlow, to be exact. I have been wanting an electric smoker, for a while now. I am, probably, the greenist guy you will meet. I just got a Cajun injector electric smoker, and doing the seasoning, as we speak. I have been on the computer, watching video's for the better part of 3 day now, trying to get a quick smoking education. After the seasoning, I was thinking about throwing in some Johnsonville brats, some polish sausages, and some Americraft brat looking things, for a potluck at work tomorrow afternoon. Just trying to figure out some time and temperatures. I am 45 and am a Maintenance tech for the Family Dollar Distribution Center in Duncan, OK. I really like the idea of set it and forget it, but I really don't think it works that way! I am into camping, fishing, hunting, motorcycles, and about anything else that gets me outside, away from work. Guess that is about it, for my story. I want to learn rubs, and want to try to smoke all I can. I'll bet the next trial will be some ribs of some kind. By the way my name is really Terry!
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    Hey Terry, welcome!  Love the enthusiasm.  It will only grow once you start using your smoker.  Have fun reading the threads and perfecting your new obsession.  "Wait," you say, "I'm not obsessed."  Trust me, you will be, yes you will.  And a tasty obsession it is!
  3. Obsession, I think it has been for a while! I went straight from seasoning to smoking for our pot luck, at work today. Did some store bought brats and some polish sausage, just did them @ 170 for 3 hours. Not sure how they are supposed to look but they tasted very good, used a mix of hickory and mesquite. Actually, after they sat or rested, I guess, on the counter @ room temp, they looked pretty good too! Guess I probably should have wiped down the inside of the smoker before cooking with it, I over did it, a little, with the vegetable spray, while seasoning. Had it kind of dripping with oil. I never really got to check the internal temp. I fell asleep after putting in more wood chips, but it was @ 135 after sitting in the smoker for 45 mins. after shutting off. My other newby dilemma was, bad batteries in my new wireless temp probe! I'm ready for the weekend, so I can try something bigger, I'm thinking some spare ribs!
  4. Hey Terry, glad you joined up. Practice is the best advice. You will get to know your smoker, make sure it is working properly and experiment with different flavors.

    Gary S
  5. I hear ya, I'm already trying to figure out what I want to try tomorrow night when I get off work!

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