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  1. Having spent a great deal of my working life, working with the US Military ( in quite a few interesting and remote places) and going to Ft Benning and staying in Columbus, I have always been intrigued by the smoking of meats.

    We Brits, dont seem to relish this form of cooking and have occasional ' Summer' BBQ's rather than embracing the 365 days a year option that is the smoker.

    To this end, i have been gifted today, as a birthday present the following smoker


    So with this in mind, and my partners love for smoked fish, could anyone pass on suitable advice for the use of, wood chips to use and any smoking recipes for wild sea trout, salmon ( not that Canadian stuff, but the real North Atlantic Variety) and last but not least, the good red meat stuff.

    I have seen some recipes that suggest wood chips, with sugar, tea and other herbs and spices... I have no objection to this, but what types to use and is it possible to use wood you collect yourself, or to use premade and packaged chippings.

    Thanks for reading

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    Welcome to your new Addiction.
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    Welcome here! Hardwoods and fruit woods are the woods you want to stick to primarily. Mesquite, Hickory, Oak, Cherry, Apple, Peach etc, you can buy the pre made chunks fine. I can't suggest any woods for fish as I'm not into that. Lately with my ribs and chickens I've been using cherry and have loved it, the smell of the cherry burning is very pleasant also.


    Browse Fruita Wood's site and you should be able to get some good info and see what are some of the varieties of wood you can use for smoking.
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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!
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    [​IMG]   You should be able to find some answers in the search box!  Just be prepared for tons of reading!!! 
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    [​IMG]Does your little smoker have a water pan just curious?Just look for some firewood their are some good hardwoods were you will be stationed.Look for oaks , hickory,maple and fruit trees you can get it for free just ask before you go picking limbs up out of peoples yards.Get a hatchet to chip it down to manageable sizes and to make chips.Correct me if I'm wrong but you Brit's grill which is not BBQ .I would suggest  something simple like meatloaf or pulled pork before you try anything hard.IMO use lump it burns hotter and makes less ash .Just so you know a ecb is like your smoker so the same mods should work.[​IMG]Good luck and happy smoking
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  10. Welcome to SMF Mike1969.

    Being a newbie here I have been reading and reading and reading. Get my point??

    Lol, never endless reading and learning here. It is a great place and everyone seems to 

    be very helpful. I can't give ya advice on wood or anything like that since I use an MES 40.

    Am sure someone will be along to put ya in the right direction.

    Happy Smokin' and again Welcome.

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    Best wood is free wood!  Collect away as long as you are comfortable with knowing what you are collecting.  Any nut wood, fruit wood, oaks are great smoking woods. 

    I know a lot of people on the forum that like a sugar/salt brine for fresh fish.  I don't smoke a lot of fish,  fried or baked for me, so I will leave specific recipes for those that do it all the time.

    Please ask any questions you have,  we love helping people new to the hobby and looking at all the Qview you will be posting.

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    Welcome to SMF your going to enjoy smoking  with your new smoker...
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    Welcome to SMF Mike and Happy Birthday to ya.

    Not sure what's available to you there but I know a few of your countrymen like oak and beech with their  salmon. I've never smoked fish so I'm not much help. As far as red meat and pork goes, pecan is my favorite,  which is the sister to hickory.  apple and cherry are a lighter flavor and go good with pork and cheese. And maple also is an excellent choice if you want a sweeter smoke.

    Do you have alder? that's suppose to be good with fish also.

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