Hi new to the group and new to smoking

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  1. Just wanted to say hi I am new to smoking I am trying my first smoke this morning two big briskets hopefully I don't screw this up lol
  2. Just a couple simple tips, stay at 225 smoker temp. Spray or mop every hour or so. Use a thermometer in the brisket. If you want to wrap it around 160 it is ok. Don't pull it until you hit an internal temp of 200-205 if you want a nice tender piece. A couple questions. What are you smoking with, how big are the pieces, and don't forget to post some pics.
  3. It's a master built 30
  4. This is hour 9 3 to go boy it smell so go
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    Welcome to the New England group from across the state.  I'm in Bridgton.

    How did the cook go?
  6. It came out great I have a pic I will post later I think I am going to try to smoke a turkey next lol
  7. Sorry so late with the pic but here is what I have left it was so good I had to have it for dinner tonight :yahoo:

    Very nice. I love brisket, just wish it was cheaper. One of my favorite left over meals is pulled pork and brisket fajitas, so good.
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  8. You should look at the Maverick et-733. I have 2 of them and they are great. 
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    Well.........you are now officially addicted to smoking like  the rest of us.  Enjoy!
  10. what I smoked today

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