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    Ya Know This Time Out Writing Mesages Just Killed A Good Story..why Do You Have A Time Limit To Make A Post..everybody Just Lost My Story..someday Visit Cebu City Phillippines..smelll The Q They Make..we Do Not Stand On Top Of The World...walk The Streets..the Smell Fills The Air Go South Naga It Gets Better..i Was There..take My Challange Try It..30 Hours Of Flight..ya Just Cant Believe It... Its Better Then A Bbq Contest.. Let Your Nose Run To The Food..dare Ya To Try It..never In My 52 Years On This Earth Have I Had Anything Like This......
    We Brag Here Oh We So Good..hahaha.. Yes We Cook Good Smoked Foods..but Untill You See What Else Is Out There..never Give Yourself A Pat On The Back..or Any Body Else
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    Welcome MAVADAKIN , I Agree with you that different cultures all have something unique to offer us. That is why we leave the safety of our homes to travel the world and see for ourselves what others live like. I wish I could travel 30 hours or more to see more of this wonderful planet. Alas they still charge money for airplane rides. As soon as transporters become universally available ( Star Trek ) I will plan to travel the Galaxy and see all the sights and smells.

    There is a time out on smf??? I never knew that. I type fairly fast so never noticed.
    You could type your story into a word document then cut and paste it into your post. That way time would cease to become a factor.
    Cheers Roger
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    GnuBee just gave you an excellent solution, one that I and others practice. I don't see the need for a global comparison before giving someone a pat on the back when they derserve it, be it local or global. Friendly jestures are always welcomed, this is something we strive for here at the SMF. It's all good my friend.
  4. It shouldn't be a one way trip however. I would like to here the critiques of a few Phillippines that tried some of our Q before I go giving them an honorary Smoke Ring award!
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    Why is this post in Roll Call?
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    I have no clue?

    But I do want to say after doing several internet searches on different ways of cooking I do want to check out next years Iowa SMF Get Together; I do not want to see belly, just socialize and taste different smokes.....
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