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  1. Hey everybody,
    Totally new to the offset and reverse flow smokers but I have been barbecuing on a komado for the past few years. I love it i love cooking with fire and i love the taste. I started smoking food on a cheap ass big chief electric smoker that i got for free. This got me hooked on the smoked taste but i hated the thing. Shortly after I went and bought a vision grill komado(best suited my needs for cooking up in canada in the winter). This is where i really started to love barbecue for what it is. Have done lots of low and slows and quite enjoy not sleeping much to watch friends enjoy a great meal. And now for my next adventure in life. I want to cook on a reverse flow smoker but thats not all i want to build one. I am thinking of starting a small catering job with it if i get the hang of it. I know big dreams but gotta aim big. My wife thinks this idea is a mid life crisis type thing and maybe so but she also supportive. I go to pick up a 250 gallon propane tank this weekend and will be gathering some steel shortly to get started on the fire box. Im hoping I can reach to you for some assistance when needed and help guide me. I've been reading through all yhe build pages and i must say there are some sweet smokers out there. Well thanks for letting me join and i hope i can contribute some things along the way.

  2. Welcome to SMF from a fellow Canuck! Glad to have you aboard, you will find many knowledgeable people here to help you out along the way.
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    Welcome ! And don't forget the pics!
  4. Oh there will be pics once i start.
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    Welcome to SMF, Pete [​IMG]

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