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  1. Hi all,

    New here. Had a cheap new braunfels for a few years - now have a GMG pellet. Still figuring things out. Don't use it all the time . Maybe once a month. Doing three packer cuts at once tonight for a party tomorrow. Seems to be cooking too fast.... I just figured with three 14 lb briskets at once it might go a bit slower. Am at 160 in 3.5 hours. Was planning to foil at 3am but may be doing that now. Party is at 4 pm. Debating whether to turn temp down to 200 to slow things down or just proceed and then hold it longer. Reheating if it gets below 140
  2. Welcome to the board! You're going to surprise those people with that brisket.
  3. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum from another hot and humid day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web.   Lots of great people with tons of information on just about everything.

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  4. What up apowell! Im in the old brooklyn and smokin for the ball game tomorrow Go Browns!
  5. Those briskitts will be great i dunno about goin 140.... i do 225 and foil at 175 until meat i2 200+. Briskitt needs to rest, dont worry about serving it as soon as its done.
  6. Thanks
  7. Maybe we get our first win!
  8. It alll worked out. Held them all for 8 hours (one for twelve). They ended up as essentially pulled brisket - just falling apart. But tasted great and everyone loved them.
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    Welcome to SMF!

    Glad to hear the brisket turned out so well!

  10. Now you're going to hear "Hey could you do that again..."

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