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  1. Hi yall

    my name is Marcus im 23 years old and live in sweden, the small country in nothern europe

    i have an smoker, not sure what its called but its like this one:


    I work as a chef (one of the best restaurants in my state) and it is something i really enjoy but it can be long days 

    i have some plans about to build an brick smoker and grill but im not sure,like, where to start?
  2. Welcome to the site from Michigan there are a lot of good people here with a lot of knowledge good luck
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    A welcome from the UK, plenty of good folk on here who we'll help you Ith any build.
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    Welcome to the board, Marcus! Hey I've heard that around Scandavia some smoking uses juniper wood, do you know anything about that?
  5. thank you all!

    Yes it is true, we use juniper wood. In my family we can use it when we smoke salmon


    this is the kind of smoker we use then. me myself dont like fish that much (and im a chef xD) but everyone i know who like fish like warm smoked salmon, we smoke the whole fish (ofc we clean the fish) but it still has the head, the only season we use is salt.
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    I wish I could show you the big display case of smoked fish along the arcade in Palanga, LT. Or share the smoked eel we bought out of someone's car in the parking lot at Grutas Park.

    My parents said that in the old days, farm houses were heated by a big central wood-burning oven which had a hatch into the chimney on the upper floor. There were hooks to hang meats in the smoke and there they cured in the days (1920s) before refrigeration.
  7. you are from lithuania?

    i dont know so much about that part of history. but i would think it was more common in the nothern part of sweden. I do know that in the houses we had an open fire or wood fired oven. this was the only heat source and also where they cooked but not so much about smokeing :/

    I think we are kinda special with preserving food in sweden/nordic countries. that is because in the northern part of sweden we only have like 4-6 mounths when we can grow things and rest of the year we wouldnt have any food so we needed to preserv it. 
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    I offer you a greeting of chilled vodka, rye bread and salt, at my front door.

    My father came from Kretinga and my mother came from Kaunas but she was an army brat so they moved around.

    Imagine my mother tagging alongside her father who was a decorated WWI veteran standing for inspection, maybe 1930. She would have been maybe 4 years old. When the unit commander gave the at-ease command, she called back "May we smoke?" That drew a laugh from the unit.

    My grandfather received the highest military honor for leading a unit that chased the Bolsheviks back to the Russian border in 1918. He was born in January 1900.

    In America in the 1950s one common insult was "Ahh your mother wears Army boots."  Yes my mother DID wear Army boots. Once when she was young she complained to her father about her hair getting too long so he marched her to the army barber and she got a military haircut.
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    Glad to have you aboard, Marcus!


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