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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bob517, May 17, 2016.

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    Hi all and thanks..

    I have a Smoke Hollow Combo Grill, (Propane, Charcoal and Offset Smoker). I have no clue how to use the smoker, still learning.. Any tips, hints, etc? What do I light 1st, the wood or the charcoal?
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    Hello Bob welcome to you.

    I am a wattburner myself but someone that can help

    will be along shortly.

    If they don't happen by, jump right out into forums and ask.

    You will get answers.

    From what little I do know, I would say the charcoal would

    be the first one to light.


  3. 1st set up smoker on Osage ave
    2nd have police chopper drop c-4 on charcoal
    3rd put wood on charcoal till it becomes pile of hot embers.
    4th smoke meat

    Recipe for a Goode BBQ--
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