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  1. Ive been on this site alot and am just now joining as I have a quandary. How do I defrost a 90 lb pig in 2 days? I ordered a fresh whole hog but have been told that it is frozen. I am hosting a charity bbq at the cottage this Sunday and will be arriving with the pig on friday.

    Do I leave it in the fridge? Do I defrost in the tub? I was thinking of leaving it in the fridge until saturday at noon and then switching to the tub( while keeping it in the bag and a tarp?

    I have only ever cooked fresh pigs before so any info or tips would be greatly appreciated


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    Wow...I get nervous when I am thawing a 10 lb pork shoulder...a whole pig would turn me into a basket case!

    Hope it works out.
  3. Hello from a hot East Texas and welcome to the forum. Lots of great information and real good people here.   No way to get a fresh pig?  Most of what I have read says thaw in a refrigerator or under cool running water no more than 70 º  I you can't swap or find a fresh pig and are under the gun, you can defrost it in the bathtub or a large tub being careful to maintain cool water temps. The pig thawing out will keep the water cold, but at a certain point the outside will thaw while the inside of the thickest parts are still frozen. As this happens you may need to add ice to your water to keep the temp down. 

    Gary S

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