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    hi my name is kraig i have been smoking for a few years now and have been putting around this site for lil while now and finally decided to join . i mainly use a masterbuilt electric smoker and a la caja china pig cooker . my wife and i just recently bought our first home and now having more space i have been wanting to make a smoker little did my wife know that the guy the street was getting rid of a oil tank so the stars alligned and i got the tank home and began the build a few weeks ago  would love to hear people thoughts and ideas thanks .https://statich.smokingmeatforums.com/6/6a/6a6be749_breakfastcalculator.octet-stream
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  3. Welcome to the site can't wait to see the pics papa t Michigan
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    thanks for the heads up on how to do the pictures .

  5. That looks awesome great job so far. I am jealous wish i had them skills
    Papa t

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