Hi Everyone

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by volfan73, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. volfan73

    volfan73 Newbie

    Hi Everyone!

    I just wanted to say hello. I am new to this forum. I have been cooking a few years now. I use a WSM 22.5 and a Weber 26.75 One Touch Gold. I recently purchased a CyberQ WiFi but haven't used it just yet. I haven't done any comps yet but hopefully will when my kids are old enough to enjoy it with me....This will give me some time to work on the old technique a bit in the meantime. I live down south and look forward to getting to know "y'all".
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  2. knifebld

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    Hey Volfan, welcome from Canada!

    I have a WSM 22.5 too and was planning on getting a small weber kettle to cold smoke with. I will be trying out some amateur competitions next spring...gonna have some fun!

    Glad to have you join us!
  3. volfan73

    volfan73 Newbie

    Thanks Knifebld! Great to meet you! Keep me posted on how the comps go.
  4. Hello and welcome from East Texas, good to meet you

    Gary S
  5. volfan73

    volfan73 Newbie

    Gary-Likewise and thanks! I see you are in east Texas. We enjoy Texas every time we visit. Have you been by the Railhead?
  6. If you are talking about the one in Houston, It's been a long time

    Gary S
  7. volfan73

    volfan73 Newbie

    There may be one in Houston, but the one I went to was in Fort Worth....down near the train yard. I really enjoyed the sausage and Brisket

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