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  1. Hi I'am new to smoking, I have a electric. I'am planing on makeing a pork loin today (2.7 lb) with a dry rub, but haven't decided what to use. Any sugestions would be appreaseated.
  2. Welcome to the forum, lots of rubs to choose from, kinda depends on your taste, salty, sweet, hot & spicy  also watht it pretty close pork loin is a lean piece of meat and will dry out pretty quick.

    Gary S
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    A great way to add flavor and moisture to a loin is to brine it. Very simple procedure. Use the search function and pick one that you think you might like.
    And welcome to the forum.
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    Heh, one time I did that with a lot of aromatic spices and I got a loin that tasted very similar to a frankfurter.

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