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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by larrym, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. larrym

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    Looks like a great site, just had to join up and learn more about smoking.  My name is Larry and live in Indiana.  Last year I bought a 3 shelf Masterbuilt smoker and have had some very nice results.  I normally work on computers so any chance I can get to sit outside is a bonus.  Wife and I have already tried the smoker with pork, ham and chicken.  Somehow I even got one of the pork butts done so well, she said it was the best she ever had.  We are both in our 50's and if I can do that often enough,, life is good :)  I normally try to cook it around 185 to 200 for about 12 hours, refilling the the wood chip dish a couple times.  I think I may be not getting it hot enough as the chips dont seem to burn up just looked charred but I dont want it to dry out,, it has to be tender enough to shred or I get that "Honey,, what did you do ?" look :)  Am going to try another 9lbs ham this weekend, using one of the rub recepies from the site if I can find a good one with spices she likes :)  Looking forward to chatting with you all virtually,, Happy Smoking.

    Larry n Donna
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    Welcome L & D !!!

    You might want to do some surfing on the electric smoker forum section.

    We usually run about 225˚ or more to get the butts, briskets & chuckies safely through the danger zone.

    The search engine here works pretty good---Try "Danger Zone", and you'll learn that one quick---it's pretty easy to understand.

    If you post what you're going to do, and how you're planing on doing it, a couple days ahead of time, people can make suggestions & point out possible problems, before you get into a fix.


  3. larrym

    larrym Meat Mopper

    Hi Bear and thanks for info about danger zone.  I normally preheat the smoker to about 250, then put in the ham, even at room temp though of course the temp in smoker drops way down.  I spend my first hour or so,, cranking up the thermostat too keep it heating until it is where I want, then as it warms up, I adjust back down to my preferred smoking temp.  Hopefully this will keep me out of that low temp zone.  For a rub,, think we are going to use a standard brown sugar rub for pulled pork but double the brown sugar,, should give us a nice crust.
  4. bearcarver

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    Sounds good!!

    The thing I and a lot of others do to stay safe with larger cuts, like Briskets, Chuckies, Butts, etc, is if you don't inject it, don't put a temp probe in it or puncture it in any way. That way you only have to worry about the outer 1/2" to get to 135˚.

    So if you don't inject it, and you don't probe it for the first 3 hours at 225˚, you don't have to worry about getting it to 135˚ in 4 hours.

    I love that one!

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    Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to  your first qview. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG]   L & D, glad to have you with us!
  7. Wellcome aboard[​IMG]
  8. Welcome!!
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