Hi all I started 1 year ago

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by slrpro02, May 19, 2008.

  1. slrpro02

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    Hi all I started smoking ribs approx. 1 year ago. I bought a Char-Broil offset smoker from Homedepot. I did the mods. I found on another site. The smoker seems to hold the temps. good. The ribs turn out OK.
    I was recently in Broken Arrow OK. While I was there I ate some ribs at Stone Mill BBQ they were way better than I have ever had. I would like to make ribs like that, any help will be appreciated.
    I don't believe there is any place around here were you can get ribs as good as those?
    I live just outside of Detroit, MI.
  2. cowgirl

    cowgirl Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Welcome to the forum slrpro02....glad to have you here.[​IMG]
  3. goose

    goose Fire Starter

    Welcome aboard! Jump in and get yer feet moist.

    Just keep reading. There is more quality info here than most places.
  4. erain

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    welcome to smf, may your quest for ribs end here. lotsa info here, sign up for e-course. ck out 3-2-1,2-2-1 methods for ribs,ck out old posts, and use search feature to help you find whut your lookin for. if no can find dont hesitate to ask, someone will surely help you. lotsa great people who know what there doing here. great site enjoy
  5. kookie

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    Welcome aboard...........For lots of good info you might want to take the 5day ecourse, its free ..............
  6. glued2it

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    I've never been to the Stone mill so I can't really offer anything as far opinion on them.
    There are some good joints in Tulsa though. Elmer's I think being the best.

    Maybe your smoke was too thick?
    That seems to be the most common mistake.
  7. sumosmoke

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    Glad you've joined us on SMF. Lots of information on smoking ribs, and once you've found your tried and true method, those ribs will be better than any you've ever bought at a restaurant!
  8. lcruzen

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    Welcome to SMF from central Michigan. The methods alread mentioned will go a long way in improving your ribs along with a good rub and TBS. It is hard to find decent Q at our area restaurants but there is a fairly new place in Detroit called Slows that got a decent review from a SMF member.
  9. seboke

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    Absolutely! I've also been smoking for about a year, but it's gone way beyone a hobby. Seems every time I do ribs, the come out as "the best I have ever done!" You're gonna get better and better - buy meat, rub meat, smoke meat!
  10. bb53chevpro

    bb53chevpro Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    First off, welcome to the SMF forum. It's a great place. Tons of knowledgable people here, and they are always willing to help.

    As far as the ribs go, it's hard to say how they prepped and smoked them.
    I have never been there or even heard of the place. The only thing I can suggest would be to try diff things every time you smoke them.
    May all your smokes be thin and blue.
  11. blacklab

    blacklab Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Hi welcome to the boards [​IMG]

    As to your ribs, what do you think it's missing? Could it be your rub or is it store bought? Or is it the smoke? Too smokey not smokey enough or does it have a bitter taste. Give Us a little more info and will try to put you where you want to be. [​IMG]

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