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    My name is Jonathon, married, 16 month old son, I'm a firefighter/paramedic for a paid dept in the FL panhandle. I like to fish offshore, hunt, scuba dive, & most everything else that you can do outside. I grew up around grilling/smoking & have been grilling like crazy since I was a teen. I just got my first smoker for christmas & can't wait to break it in. It's a Char-Griller Smokin' Pro. I plan on curing it tomorrow & going to break it in New Years Eve with some ribs & a deer ham.
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    Welcome to the forum. [​IMG]
  3. Hello Jonathon. Nice to have you here. I also have a Chargriller with the side box. Got it last year for Christmas I have been using it alot ever since. I did my first Deer Ham on Christmas Eve. I posted pictures and how I did it. If you cant find the posts let me know, Ill send them to you. I have to say it turned out way better than I expected, really didnt want anyone else to eat it.

    You will enjoy this site and it will become addicting asd it has for me. Lot of good friendly people here eager to help you out and give advice.

    Good luck with that ham.
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    Welcome to SMF, Jonathon! Make yourself at home and look around. The links on the left of the page are a good place to start.
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    welcome Jon......you found a great site for smoking........one important note tho.......you need to take pics of your smokes.......we have a saying.....in jest......sorta........"If there are no pics......then it didn't happen"................[​IMG]

    once again welcome

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    Welcome to SMF Jon ...enjoy yourself!
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    Welcome to the SMF from just north of you in East LA(Eastern Lower Alabama) That's some great lookin Redneck dogs in your avatar
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    Thanks everyone [​IMG]

    Cook1536, I saw your thread on the deer ham....looks good! How much did it weigh, what temp did you smoke at? How long did it take?

    From what I've seen this place has a ton of great info!
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    Welcome to the forum Jonathon![​IMG]
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    Welcome to the SMF! [​IMG]
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    Aloha from the big state of Michigan Jon. Hope ya enjoy this place as much as we do!
  13. Jon

    My ham weighed 9 pounds and put it on at 7:00am and took it off about 3:00 that afternoon. I cooked around 225 degrees.
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    Welcome to SMF Jon. You will enjoy this place.

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