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  1. Eric here... originally from Virginia, currently serving my 23rd year in the US Coast Guard. I'm a long time fan of the Weber Kettle with great success and have used the small water pan charcoal smokers with little to no success in the past. I'm looking forward to retiring next year and doing some touring with my wife in a travel trailer across the states. I want my transition back to the civilian ranks to be slow and low just like my BBQ. I chose a Masterbuilt 30" electric for it's ease of use and storability. I'm cornsiderin bringin it with me in the travel trailer. So far I have smoked an amazing butt, delicious halibut and 3 racks of pretty dang good baby backs (although I prefer spares). My smoker smells out of this world! I can't resist a good sniff every time I walk by it. However, not everything is perfect and I need to polish my technique a bit. That's why I'm here. So far my family is happy with my purchase and have gobbled up everything that I've smoked... A good sign fer sure.

    For the past three weeks I've been watchin all three seasons of BBQ Pitmasters on Netflix. I just can't get enough! Love following the likes of Johnny Trigg and Myron Mixon I look forward to conversin with ya and sharing my experiences.

    Thanks fer havin me!
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    Welcome aboard Eric! Thank you for your service! Lots of good info here. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Be sure and share your smokes!

    A few weeks back I attended a good friends retirement and change of command ceremony in Garibaldi. There was some great smoked food afterwards cooked up by one of the guys from the station. Good times!
  3. Absolutely and thank you for your support!
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    Welcome from Canada, Eric.


    Sounds like you already have caught the smoking bug. I hate to be the one to tell you. There is no cure. You are doomed to making great food and having fun.

    I love Seattle. We used to go there often when I lived in Vancouver a couple of decades ago.

    If you are looking for a smoker to take with you on holidays, check out making a WSM Mini. There are some great posts on it, just put WSM Mini in the search bar. They are small, light and inexpensive to make.

    I look forward to your posts and remember we love pictures.

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    Welcome Eric, this is definitely the place to continue Learning and refining existing techniques. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your next smokes!
  6. Thanks Disco! 

    Wow, that looks like a great project!  I have added this to my "To-Do" list.  My life is in fast forward at the moment prepping my house for sale and setting up my retirement but everyone needs a side project to keep us sane right?  It won't happen immediately but I'm already researching the parts I'll need.  Thanks for the tip!
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    Har! Another problem with reading these forums, you will have lots of projects you want to try.
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    You'll have plenty of time for all of that when you retire! Thanks for your service Eric! 
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  9. Hello Eric, welcome to the forum from a rainy East Texas

    Gary S

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