Hey hey new member from.the netherlands here

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by patje bbq, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Hello everybody my name is patrick.
    I come from a small town called uden in the netherlands

    My hardware i have and UDS a Primo XL
    And an OFFSET 22 INCH .

    I am an active member of The Backyard BBQ Team holland and we just came back from a bbq Kcbs competition in europe called tony stone.

    I am always learning all the time from other people about smoking and grilling.or methodes

    I hope i can learn here from you guys

    Cheers pat.
  2. Hello Pat, welcome from East Texas, sound like fun to me, post some pictures, I know I sure would like to see competition pics

    Gary S
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  3. As promised some picture,s off the latest competition we were in.

    Its the Tony Stone Low and slow competition in the Netherlands last weekend.

    43 teams 10 different country.

    thx for watching 

    cheers pat
  4. waterinholebrew

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    Hey Pat, real glad ya joined us ! Very nice pics ya included there ! Thumbs Up Welcome & we'll see ya around the forum.... We all really enjoy sharing & learning about each other's methods here ! Great group here at SMF !
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  5. talan64

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    Welcome Patrick,  That's some nice looking Q you have there.

    I actually work for a Dutch company, and have many Dutch colleagues. 

    You don't find many Dutch that BBQ though, seems like grilling is far more popular there.

    When I go to The Netherlands, I stay in Eindhoven, and work in Veldhoven.
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  6. Man, looks good, great pictures, good color on everything, those ribs are meaty !!!

    Gary S

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